Backstreet’s back!

Evening chaps,

Hope you all had a splendid holiday season and that the return to work isn’t getting you too down (I’m told it does that). Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the Twelve Geeks of Christmas feature that’s been holding the fort while we were off getting drunk and sorting out page layouts (that would be me getting drunk and Steve sorting pages, apparently I’m not allowed to help with such things while ratted on Mojitos).

Well, we’re back now and we have a lot of wonderful things coming up over the next few months:

The BTB Facebook page is now live! Please ‘like’ us and make us feel wanted.
Steve will be showcasing some more of the wonderful art he produced for Destroy All Robots.
I’ll be showing off a heap of new BTB films, including some never before seen content.
As we race towards the launch of Moon #1 we’ll be upgrading the Moon section of the website to include a heap of new goodies!
We’ll also carry on bringing you piles and piles of news, speculation and whimsy from the world of comics and film.
Finally we have at least three super secret projects in the works that we shall be announcing in the coming weeks. I’d tell you more, but that would be cheating.

For now I’d suggest having a look back over any Twelve Geeks vids that you missed, booking your ticket for the London Comic and Small Press Expo and checking back here every morning to see what magical mysterious have become part of the bunker’s history.

That you all for your support over the last few months, the site has gone from strength to strength and considering that we don’t have a book out in print yet, the level on interest in the work is truly humbling. Please keep supporting the site via facebook and other mediums and let’s make this a community to be proud of.

Let’s go cook a strudel!



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