Happy Batday! Dark Knight characters revealed!

Big news here again at the Bunker as Warner bros. bosses yesterday confirmed not just who had been cast but also which characters will be featured in the new Nolan Dark Knight movie series. The choices are surprising as both characters have failed in previous attempts on the big screen; however Catwoman will be making a return and Bane; underworld back breaker and all round machevalian lunatic will be lumbering his way on to the screen to take his place in the Dark Knight franchise.

Catwoman (Adam Hughes) and Bane (by the guy who's names at the bottom there).

The most tight lipped casting was that of Catwoman as no one knew the character was even being considered for a reboot. Fighting off advances from Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron and Kate Beckinsale; a main stream and perhaps unexpected actress is taking the coveted role of Catwoman in the upcoming Batman feature; The Dark Knight Rises.

But it will be the stunningly beautiful indy / teen / gay cowboy movie veteran Anne Hathaway following in the footsteps of Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992’s Batman Returns and Halle Berry in a  2004 spin-off of the franchise. With an adorably awkward sexuality, frankly we can’t wait for her to get her knee highs on. Rumours that Halle Berry has been banned from appearing in any more comic book adaptations remain unconfirmed.

However while, thanks to lazy casting, Catwoman has proved the bane of previous incarnations of Batman, this time around Tom Hardy; whom Christopher Nolan directed in last years Inception will be the actual ‘Bane’ of this one. Everyone has known that Tom Hardy was due to appear in the new film however the rumour mill had offered up many possibilities as to who he will play; with adaptations of Killer Croc, Strange and Hush considered as possibilities.

Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are due to appear as Catwoman and Bane in 2011's Dark Knight Rising.

As expected of Nolan as the franchise rolls on and while no one can doubt the raw appeal of his choices neither can be said to just be pretty faces. What lingers in the mind of the Nolan no one can be sure but on this evidence there is every reason to look forward to the next bit of Bat! We will try to shake the idea that Nolan’s need for realism in his bat movies will lead to Anne Hathaway playing a dippy old recluse who tempts ‘her furry little friends’ into the house with string and liver to keep her company and is known by local kids as ‘the Catwoman.’

One thought on “Happy Batday! Dark Knight characters revealed!

  1. The Catwoman casting is hardly surprising. There aren’t a whole load of female Bat characters that would warrant a big name like Hathaway and of those Selina Kyle is by far the best known. Ivy, Harley or Talia would all have been decent options but given that Chris Nolan doesn’t like supernatural stuff (like mutant plants) and that he’s already done the Joker and Al Gul thing in the last two films, they were always going to be outside choices. In all honesty, it’s been a long time since I found Catwoman to be a tremendously compelling character but she has had plenty of great moments in the past and she easily makes the most sense out of the options on the table…well maybe except Talia but that’s just because I really wanted to see Nolan do a take on Damien Wayne.

    Using Bane is a bold move and in the hands of almost any director I’d say it was a poor choice. The character has a tonne of great backstory and The Broken Bat remains a true DC classic, but Venom also has a tonne of great backstory and we all know what happened with that. Nolan however is a master director who has proved time and again that he knows how to mine gold from rocky ground and there is certainly a tonne of gold to be had beneath Bane’s…er…rocks.

    Of course, there is something a little odd about casting somebody who acts with his face as much as Hardy does (he pretty much eyebrows his way through Inception) in a role that involves wearing a full mask. But given the iconic redesign that they gave to the Joker (when was the last time you saw someone turn up to a fancy dress party as the Caesar Romero version?) I’m sure that they’ll come up something that works.

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