The Final Countdown

Hey chaps,

Just wanted top hop on real quick and give you a quick update on where we’re up to with our own stuff.

This is what I look like when I'm stressed. You don't want to know what Steve looks like when he's stressed. Our mystery colourist doesn't get stressed, she's too mysterious.

Moon is entering the final stages of production as we speak with both Steve and our soon to be announced colourist working their butts off. I’ve been having so many meetings and email conversations with conventions, printers and other people that I’m not entirely sure who’s who, but all of them seem genuinely excited about the project.

I’m simultaneously weeping with worry and giggling with anticipation as we approach our print deadline – who’d have thought that launching a new comic series in the same year that you’re moving house and getting married could be so stressful! – But the boat is still on track and every preview I see has me more convinced that we’re making something special here.

As if things weren’t busy enough, this year’s 2 Days Laughter competition is coming up and we’re honour bound to try to be there in some capacity. With that in mind I’ve gotten back together with my old buddies Paul Wade and JT Eaton to start work on a new comedy short. I won’t give to much away right now but if you’ve ever been trapped in front of the tv around 7pm, you should get a kick out of what we’re planning.

Take care of yourselves and remember: don’t do venom…the drug not the guy…well don’t do him either…unless you’re Mrs Venom. Was there a Mrs Venom? Probably.



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