Everything your science teacher told you was a lie! Every day when he’s done being in the sky, the Moon falls to earth, puts on a suit and investigates ridiculous crime! So begins the maddest detective story ever to hit the fine streets of London. It’s not the comic you deserve, it’s the comic you need.

In the year 12AD a group of Celtic Druids attempted to summon the Moon to Earth and bind it into human form, an eternal guardian to defend our isle from all who would do her wrong. 2000 years later and he’s still doing that job: suited, booted and ready to investigate any crime deemed too strange for the regular police. A detective story like no other, Moon is the tale of one astral body’s quest for revenge, justice and shandy!

Moon Cover mark upIssue 1

In an effort to save their island from ruin, a group of Celtic druids attempt to summon the spirit of the Moon to Earth and bind it in human form. Things don’t quite go to plan. In the present day, Moon and his partner, Ray investigate the murder of a parish councillor.






Moon 2 Cover 3Issue 2

The deck’s stacked against Moon but there’s still a wild card left to play! A hero falls, another rises and an astral body grows a beard!







Issue 3

Coming soon!


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