Short Films

Comedy of Edits Still-tif

In addition to comics, we also produce a few short films and sketches every year (usually in the company of long time collaborators Paul Wade and Jim Eaton). Below you will find a full list of everything we’ve produced so far. Some we’re very proud of some…are perhaps here out of a sense of completeness. We’ll let you judge which is which.

The Mad Tree (Dan & Jim) – Our rather silly take on an M. R. James style ghost story. Fear, foliage and a book about sexy dogs.

A Comedy of Edits (Dan, Jim & Paul) – William Shakespeare is called into a meeting with his financiers in order to discuss a few “minor edits” to his new play.

Wild Watch (Dan, Jim and Paul) – Spring is here, so it’s time for the BBC to invade your television and hose you down with nature! Chris and Kate are reporting in from Kent with a bevy of treats from Mother Natures sodden loins, including a sad update on Robbie The Robin and a report of the perils of Dill.

The Devil’s Fork (Dan, Jim & Steve) – When two friends discover an antique fork in their garden they think they’re in for a big payday. But when the fork’s ghostly owner comes calling they discover that all they’re in for is three prongs of terror!


Cock! (Steve) – When offered a chance with the woman of his dreams, repressed social inadequate Randall Spires takes a mysterious aphrodisiac at the advice of his friend and is sent on a rollercoaster  ride around London at the behest of his own mutated penis. MATURE CONTENT

Edd The Duck: Ducking The Past (Dan, Steve & Paul) – In his youth, Edd The Duck was one of the biggest stars on the BBC. In this frank and mercifully short documentary, we attempt to find out what happened next. With the help of never before seen interviews with Edd and other performers of his era, we set out to answer the question: Just how far does a duck have to migrate to escape his past?

Ragnarok Dawn (Dan, Steve & Paul) – A group of Vikings, on the run from their own kind, seek refuge in a long forgotten forest. But the restless dead who inhabit the cursed wood have other ideas. Vikings. Zombies. It’s on!

The Day The Moon Got Too Close (Dan & Paul) – The genesis of our very own comic book hero. A 90 second rollercoaster tale of what happens when an astral body is pushed to the edge. Welcome to the dark side of the Moon.


[Box] Fresh (Dan & Paul) – A parody of trendy youth TV. [Alex] Stark and his team feed you a dose of media that’s so fresh, it’s out of date before it’s over. Prepared to get backdoored with culture!

Dan Thompson vs Two Days Laughter (Dan) – Highlights from some of Dan’s stand up gigs during 2009.

Dan Thompson: Live in Calgary (Dan) – Recorded live in the world famous Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Due South jokes and Brett Hart references abound.

From Tangy Cheese With Love (Dan & Paul) – An advert we made for a certain crisp company. Agent Double Oh-Chedder sets out to save his girl from the clutches of the evil Dipfinger.


Bush F*cker Smile (Dan) – The intro movie to Dan’s 2005 stand up show. A lone comedian sets out to perform some stand up about the Iraq war. But the forces of darkness will stop at nothing to stop him reaching the gig!

Monkey Aid (Dan) – Dan’s old comedy team, The Monkeyshine Comedy Club, record a cover of a rather well known song in an effort to raise money for charity. We ended up netting a fairly large sum of money in return for not playing it ever again.

Naked Net (Steve) – A short VT about the Internet produced for Bournemouth Uni TV. Contains some really nice special FX samples.

Give us a Hand (Steve) – One rubber hand, one very young Steve Penfold and one cooking show you will never forget. Pure, glorious madness!

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