I Will Chop Your Head Off!

There are a lot of big news stories this week which probably deserve comment in some form or another. Wizard Magazine has closed it’s doors for the last time, spelling an end to comics journalism in printed format, DC comics has withdrawn from the Comics Code Authority, marking the final nail in the coffin of the infamous but largely irrelevant organisation. But these will have to wait for another day because this week there is a story whose power and monolithic implications overshadow all other happenings in our great industry:

Sweet Monkey-Jesus, somebody made an Axe Cop movie!

For all his qualities, Alan Moore never gave us a flying space dinosaur with guns for arms.

For the uninitiated (which included me up until fairly recently) Axe Cop is a web comic written by a 6 year old and drawn by his 30 year old brother. It’s about a cop who finds the perfect fire axe and so becomes Axe Cop and is possibly the funniest thing you’ll read all year.

I won’t spoil too much of the story…not that you can really explain it in text…but the above picture and the fact that one of the stories is entitled ‘Vampire Ninja Wizard Brothers From The Moon’ should be all the info you need to go check out the comic.

Best. Catchphrase. Ever.

Before you watch the movie I suggest you read the first Axe Cop episode as the film is pretty much a direct remake of that. It’s a really nice bit of film making and a true testament to what fans can do when they really love something. But enough talking, time to watch Axe Cop in all its glory so that you too can learn how to kill bad guys in their sleep.

Hope you enjoyed that. We have a new bit of Moon art up on Monday so please check that out. Thanks to all our friends over at the Millarworld forums for the support and positive feedback they’ve been giving us as of late. Steve finished the inks for the last couple of pages of issue one the other night. Shit be getting real over at the bunker right now!

Have a good weekend chaps,



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