Moon Page 2, Issue 1

Page 2 of Moon. Written by Dan Thompson, illustrated by Steve Penfold and coloured by Ivanna Matilla. Available for the first time at the Beyond the Bunker launch party in March (details to follow on this site).

We are now rolling into the final week before print. My Mac is now revving up ready to start prepping the pages fore final print with Ukomics. Below some characters from the Moon prelude – revealing his creation story before the book dives into the main story following Moon in his present day job in modern London. Character details will be upcoming over the next couple of weeks.

Things are beginning to gear up now at the Bunker. Keep an eye on this site in coming weeks for more previews, character profiles and updates relating to Moon and Fallen Heroes titles. Cheers true believers!!


2 thoughts on “Moon Page 2, Issue 1

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