Have At Thee, Coffee Cup! – New Thor Trailer Is Here!

Not a whole tonne of explanation needed here. We’re getting a few plot details revealed to us here but given that it’s a Thor movie, the revelation that Loki wants to destroy mankind isn’t really a big reveal. Still, to my mind it’s the most entertaining of the two Thor Trailers we’ve seen so far and will probably do it’s job (ie you’ll be running around the living room with a spatula, shouting “Have at thee!” all afternoon).

Of all the big comic movies coming out this year, this is by far the one I’m most jazzed about. Everything that smashes out of the woodwork on this makes me feel more and more confident that the finished product is going to be something special. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find a colander to put on my head.


3 thoughts on “Have At Thee, Coffee Cup! – New Thor Trailer Is Here!

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