Friday Film Special! – Wild Watch

Spring is here, so it’s time for the BBC to invade your television and hose you down with nature! Chris and Kate are reporting in from Kent with a bevy of treats from Mother Natures sodden loins, including a sad update on Robbie The Robin and a report of the perils of Dill.

This is the latest film from J.T. Eaton and myself. It’s for the 2 Days Laughter Festival this year and as such is a 5 min comedy film that was produced in 48 hours. It stars the wonderfully funny, rubber faced stylings of Paul Teeling and Rozi Owen who were, as ever, a total joy to work with. Camera work and special effects were done by Paul Wade and he deserves a lot of the overall credit for being the one that badgered Jim and I into doing the film when we really had a lot of other work we should have been doing.

The plan is to take the film to the festival next month and see if we can repeat some of the success that we had with Devil’s Fork. We shall keep you posted on how it goes.

One last thing, if the thought of Mr Eaton in a toga disturbs you, you may want to look away at some points.


4 thoughts on “Friday Film Special! – Wild Watch

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