Atomic Kitchen-sink: X-Men First Class Title Sequence


Joe D of Vimeo has put together the opening sequence to X-Men: First Class (the prequel to X-Men I,II and III set in the sixties) as it was meant to be. More G-men than X-Men and borrowing the theme tune from the animated series I think its a nifty, haunting little number with a brilliant Bond / Randall and Hopkirk Pastiche of January Jones. Will the mutants save us from Nuclear disaster?! Apart from a slightly dodgy video of the Earth exploding he’s got little else on there – but nonetheless this is Jazzy Genius.

Groovy 'lil Muties babay!!


2 thoughts on “Atomic Kitchen-sink: X-Men First Class Title Sequence

  1. Excellent stuff, which captures that quintessentially 60’s vibe very well, whilst paying ‘knowing’ homage to it. I have no doubt that the *actual* title sequence will probably be a good deal less inspired, although at least Xavier’s pupils are all looking considerably more 60’s in these photos than they did in some of the first round of publicity stills you posted. And I would like to point out that ‘Kravitz’ is simply ‘Ravitz’ with a ‘K’ at the front.

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