The Best of 2 Days Laughter 2011 Part 1

Hello Future People!

Since Steve and I are away Kapow all weekend, we thought we’d leave you with some of the choicest cuts of comedy gold from this year’s 2 Days Laughter Competition. It was a pretty strong showing this year with some genuine gems to be had.

The Rise And Fall of A Lemon by Neville Floyd. This is pure class in my opinion and it’s a travesty that it didn’t pull more awards than it did.

Colonel’s Day Out by Ben Mills & Dinis Sousa. The only one of the bunch that I actually rushed home to show people. It’s totally mental and very very funny.

Kent! A Brief History by Ben Worsfield & William Thomas. Solid bit of mockumentary work with a killer Earl of Sandwich gag. Deservedly won the audience vote.

Hope you enjoyed those. For more info please do have a look at the 2 Days Laugher Website

More filmic fun tomorrow, Bunkerites.


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