Secret Behind The Scenes Photos From Moon & [Box] Fresh

I was helping my fiancée sort out her Twitter account last night and I stumbled upon a little treasure trove hidden away on her laptop. Fi produced a lot of our earlier films and, ever the professional, she took a load of production photos along the way and stashed them away for safe keeping. Given that we’re a little light on comic book content right now as Steve is locked away in his studio, working on issue 2 of both Moon and Fallen Heroes, I thought it would be nice to dig some of these pics out and share them with you dear people.

These photos all come from The Day The Moon Got Too Close and [Box] Fresh, which were made by myself, Fi and Paul Wade.

"The Day The Moon Got Too Close"

Moon-fact 1: The original Moon-head was made out of an old lamp shade with a tonne of Papier-mâché slopped over it. Wise men that we are, Paul and I elected to do this the night before and consequently it didn’t dry in time and I had bits of gluey paper falling on my face all shoot.

"The Day The Moon Got Too Close"

Moon fact 2: This is from the closing shot of the film. The battery on our camera ran out with just one line of dialogue left to record and we ended up going out to a totally different wood a little later in order to get that 2 second shot at the end. There was supposed to be a ‘walking into the sunset’ shot but I couldn’t walk in a straight line on account of having a face full of glue.

"The Day The Moon Got Too Close"

On set with Al Crow, who played Shades Rodriguez in the short. The character was never named in the film itself, I just made up the name for the credits because I thought it sounded funny. Years later and the character has taken on a life of his own.

"The Day The Moon Got Too Close"

I love how ropey the original Moon head looks compared to the one that we use for publicity events nowadays. This version didn’t have any kind of head support inside it so it always flopped forwards. I like how it kinda makes Moon look permanently melancholy.

"The Day The Moon Got Too Close"

I can honestly say that I don’t recommend trying to direct a film while you are a) in said film and b) wearing a massive ball of paper and glue on your head. I still have the chipped tooth to prove it.

"Box Fresh"

This was taken in Margate while filming the ‘Mime murder’ gag in [Box] Fresh. It was mid spring and totally freezing so I donned a coat only to discover that without the stripy shirt, I just looked like I was on my way to a Kiss concert. I kept the hood up until we were safely out of the town centre.

"Box Fresh"

I can’t remember how I ended up playing the pretentious not-at-all-a-jibe-at-anyone-real arthouse director, Zach Hoovermiester in [Box] Fresh. I think we had somebody else lined up for the part but they pulled out last minute. Either way, the end result was that we dug a blonde wig out of our props box and I sat and rambled in front of the camera for about two hours in order to get 20 seconds of footage. Oddly enough, that shirt is actually the one that Steve used as the basis for Shades’ shirt in the Moon concept art. Also, I have bleached my own hair that colour in the past and I cannot recommend it highly enough if you want to avoid people taking you seriously.

Hope you enjoyed that little peek behind the curtain. Hopefully we should be bringing you some brand new artwork very soon, so keep your eyes on the Moon, Bunkerites.



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