The Troll Hunter – Trailer

The Troll Hunter movie has flown under the radar a little bit here in the UK (as Norwegian monster movies about hunting mythical beasts tend to do) but it came to my attention last night and I’ve been all over it ever since. Not only does it look utterly badass but it features trolls, massive trolls. As somebody who used to make a living telling Northern European folk stories, I kinda dig trolls. Oh and it stars Norwegian stand-up comedian Otto Jespersen as a troll hunter. Sweet.

No idea how much of a UK release this will get but I’ll certainly be keeping an eye open for it.



One thought on “The Troll Hunter – Trailer

  1. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, because I’m sure I would not have heard about it otherwise. It’s just what the world needs, another troll film! I’ll be sure to look for it on DVD, if and when it ever crosses the pond.

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