Karakuri: The first Japanese Clockwork Robots

Karakuri from Matthew Allard on Vimeo.

The Japanese have had more than a passing interest in robotics for generations. Well before the term robotics was coined the fine art of engineering Karakuri was developed. The patient and refined art of creating small clockwork models move in an almost unimaginably natural and refined way. Check this out to see a lady robot right a tiny Japanese symbol and then nod suggestively at you. Beautiful and a testament to fine artists and engineers and designers who slave everywhere to bring pieces of rare and unimaginable beauty.

One thought on “Karakuri: The first Japanese Clockwork Robots

  1. The Japanese did, indeed, create clockwork wonders – although there is also a noble European tradition, mainly French, of constructing very similar clockwork based automata. I seem to recollect that there is meant to be a lifesize Karakuri featured in that fantastic piece of Steampunk, ‘The Difference Engine’, by Messrs. Gibson and Sterling (alongside Colonel Sam Houston, The Burgess Shale, The Great Stink, Lady Ada Lovelace, and Laurence Oliphant). It’s a good book.

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