Hitler responds to Kony 2012

One video this week has sent literal shockwaves of sentiment worldwide for the suffering of child soldiers under the regime of Joseph Kony, leader of the Lords Resistance Army. But nothing online reveals the ambiguity of ‘awareness’ and ‘message sending’ over such a heinous subject than this short – taking advantage of a popular meme involving a dictator who sent as many children into gas chambers during the second world war denouncing his modern equivalent.

To those unsure of the situation transpiring – we would recommend you watch this video which has already created a furore around the world and make up your own mind. It’s already being hailed as a tidal point in the internet’s capacity to bring issues to millions instantly but also denounced as an American plot to attack a poor nation. It’s confusing out there. Rumours they found oil there last week remain uncorroborated.

It’ll be interesting (and hopefully gratifying) to see if the internet can pull itself together and aid those with the capability to do it to intervene or (better) allow Uganda to deal with this issue. If children around the world can sleep soundly and safely forever it may be because of movements like this. Right now – it’s hard to say.

We here at Beyond the Bunker only hope that as a result something significant, positive and lasting takes place. And that arguments over the fact that the people trying to make the point are wearing hipsters drop further down the list of things we care about.

One thought on “Hitler responds to Kony 2012

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