John Carter from Mars: Proper Trailer

We here at Beyond the Bunker have decided to champion John Carter (alongside other sites such as Ain’t it cool). Somethings going awry here. According to AIC the mysterious story of John Carter of Mars wasn’t offered properly to potential audiences. Effectively a cross genre historical sci-fi epic it’s set a little before the time it was written (namely the late 1800s) on the mystical and mysterious planet of Barsoom (Mars). It’s also a forerunner of all of modern science fiction – bow down you puny mortals – so if it looks like old ideas that’s because this is where it came from. This fan trailer apparently nails it.

John Carter is a western hero employed by the Yankees in the American Civil War when we meet him (yeah -see) as has been revealed by the late arrival of a panic driven 10 minute preview (not seen here) released by Disney when everything appeared to be going south. One thing leads to another and he finds himself on Mars trapped in a conflict between two warring species.

Created by Edgar Rice-Burroughs, John Carter of Mars was serialised as Under the Moons of Mars in the pulp magazine The All-Story from February to July 1912. Disney have released the film to mark it’s centenary. He, and pretty much all of the associated characters also appeared in Alan Moore’s The Extraordinary League of Gentlemen: Volume Two. Disney was trying to bring back a literary classic – and one that inspired Star Wars and it’s like decades before there was anything close to it.

So you mother-loving philistines – get out there and watch it. While the spineless mainstream critics are scavenging around what they see as a blood spattered carcass feedback on a lot of forums are that it’s pretty good. So why not save director Andrew Stanton’s career and go and take a look?

It’s important you understand that I haven’t yet – too broke – but given the chance I’d support what is quite frankly a laudable attempt to bring back an obscure – but never the less important – literary classic of science fiction.

5 thoughts on “John Carter from Mars: Proper Trailer

  1. In honesty, even in the early 20th century, it was recognised that Burroughs was writing fast, pulpy, thrilling material that didn’t exactly aspire to literary greatness, but he truly was a godfather of the whole ‘planetary romance’ genre of science fiction, and *that* truly has been massively influential in the whole history of SF.

    Plus, of course, you would be even more excited had I been cast in ‘John Carter’ and appeared in it as a gold prospector. I had the audition, but probably wasn’t grizzled enough!

  2. You’re well grizzled Lee. You can be my Gold Prospector any day. It is pretty pulpy stuff never the less – I’d be interested to hear what people will retrospectively think of Star Wars…

  3. I’m still pretty lukewarm about it but since we’re officially championing it, I encourage you all to go watch it so you can come and tell us what it was about at our next con. It’s a George Osborn kinda “all in this together” deal. đŸ˜‰

  4. It was an executive decision on my part. I’ve watched extended scenes and the first 10 minutes of it and it’s genuinely good stuff – well beyond the source material it would seem. I’d been looking into it and it seemed much better than I expected – or indeed as certain critics had led us to believe. That’s more of an issue to me – the gap between what the critics and the public are saying.

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