Star Wars Kinect Dance off mode!!

Considering that Force Unleashed was one of the best things you could swing your controller at on the Wii, surely Star Wars Kinect is going to be awesome, right. The answer is yes! But in a completely different way than you’d expect! Here’s a preview of it in Galactic Dance Off Mode. Three troopers in a variation on YMCA as an Imperial Recruitment Technique! You go Trooper!! Brilliant. Five thumbs up. Somewhere.

I loved Ziro the Hutt in Star Wars though so don’t ask me. Nice to think global megamedia conglomerates don’t take themselves too seriously.

Details worth noting:

Stormtrooper’s crotches are either “GREAT!” or “AWESOME!”
The lead dancing Stormtrooper is an officer. Apparently this is a privilege.
Dance moves include “Evacuation”, “Wingman”, “Scout Trooper”, “Tusken Raider”, and the surprisingly normal “Lasso.”
C3p0 and R2D2 are just chilling in the background
Stormtroopers are really good dancers.

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