Still Can’t Sit Through It: Paranormal 4 Trailer

What happens when something makes loads of money in Hollywood? You do it again. 3 more times at least. So the Paranormal Activity saga continues unabated. While the plausibility of people continuously managing to film the events are getting increasingly unlikely, introducing a teenager with a webcam in a house already filled with CCTV is helpful. No.5 will most likely be pushing it but that in no way means it won’t happen if Saw and Final Destination are anything to go by.

Nevertheless, this trailer manages to give me (a 31 year old man) the eeby jeebies to the point where I haven’t actually seen the end of it. Please tell me what happens. Obviously there’ll be a figure at some point but the anticipation was killing me…

W…w…what’s that behind you?!

One thought on “Still Can’t Sit Through It: Paranormal 4 Trailer

  1. That’s what I love about freaky movies and why I keep watching so damn many of them. The wait a sec. what was that, where did it come from, what just happened??? The fact of not knowing is creepy.
    H3LL I remember when I got out of Blair Witch Project, the feeling I had when I got out, very incomfortable that even walking in the streets was terrorizing.
    And this trailer accomplishes something similar. Not has much but near.
    And I like it, I LOVE FEAR!!! lol
    Love your Blog, very entertaining, keep it up!!! \µ/—>:)

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