Dropping Science: Tesla Coil Fight!


I’ve been reading a lot of Atomic Robo and Five Fists of Science this week and so Nicola Tesla is high on my mind. Thus you can imagine my joy when I discovered this video from the Ulster Bank Festival in Northern Ireland in which two members of performance art group Lords of Lightning don special suits and throw lightning at each other.

The trick works by cobining protective suits, Tesla coils and balls the size of planets. The video is on the long side but be sure to catch the last couple of minutes because it’s well worth the wait.

Brilliant lunacy!


One thought on “Dropping Science: Tesla Coil Fight!

  1. I was trying to recall the other day… I thought I read something about Nikola Tesla had invented the telephone first, before Alexander Graham Bell. My Riocan Meadows coworkers were arguing that it was the lightbulb and Edison, but I’m not so sure.

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