Moon Preview: Cometh the Bingo Moles

Bingo Mole is the affectionate term that we’ve applied to the villains you saw at the end of Moon #1. It’s not their real name but if we told you that we’d both spoil the story and not get to use the awesome phrase that is “Bingo Moles”.

Now that we’ve explained that little detail, proceed to feast your eyes on some brand new preview art for the upcoming second issue of Moon. It’s all kicking off and the Moles are right in the middle of it! Pencils and inks are by Steve Penfold, colours are by Ivanna Matilla.

The deck’s stacked against our heroes, but there’s still a wild card left to play.

A hero falls, another rises and an astral body grows a beard!

It’s all in the facemeltingly exciting second issue of MOON!

Moon Goes Digital on Wednesday!!

Many of you have been asking for this for a long time, so we are very happy to announce that Moon #1 will be released digitally this Wednesday. Beyond The Bunker have teamed up with digital superstars Graphicly to bring the globe headed one your desktop, Android and IOS device for the insanely good price of just 99 cents.

If you’re someone who hasn’t been able to catch us at a convention, if you live outside the UK or if you just couldn’t afford the print price, this is your chance to join our big Moony club. Even if you already own the print version then you’ll find that the guided view method of reading the digital copy provides a whole new way to enjoy the ultimate lunatic detective story.

We’d like to send thanks  to our partners at Graphicly for all their hard work on this and also to everyone who has bought the print version, plugged us on facebook/twitter and voted for us in the Eagle Awards. It’s that kind of support that allows us to keep adding features like this.

Mark your calendars, folks. Moon’s coming to your phone!

Pre-Order Tales of the Fallen NOW!

Dan and Steve’s new book is out next month! “Unseen Shadows: Tales of the Fallen” contains FOUR original comics including “Band of Butchers” by Dan Thompson & Rob Carey and “Wrath of God”  by Cy Dethan & Steve Penfold!

They are murderers, martyrs and mercenaries in the no-man’s-land between adventure and crusade – soldiers of fate and fierce honour, bound together in mystery, darkness and blood. Their enemies are shadows haunting the outermost borders of a darkening world, and as night approaches the shadows grow long.

They are the Fallen, and these are their stories.

The book is released on 19th November but pre-order NOW and you will get a free digital version of the book as well as £4.49 off the cover price!

Click here to pre-order Tales of the Fallen and enter the world of the Unseen Shadows!

2 Days Later

Steve and I will be down at the Theatre Royal in Margate this Saturday for the 2 Days Later film festival. The Devil’s Fork is in the final 12 of the competition, which is something of a remarkable feat for a rather silly film, so we’re going along to support. It’d be lovely to see you chaps down there if you fancy it as it should be a good laugh.

Full details are available from here!