BTB Classic: Secret Samurai Concept Work 1

Hrrf. Sometimes you just struggle to get to grips with a project and thats one thing. I’m suffering 10 years of overthinking and often struggle to not get too involved. Here’s one I overthunk. No more. A Ninja project that began with a simple project involving 2 pages, 1 central character and 1 side character. I developed an enormous storyline with entire nations consumed in ancient mysticism and a host of other characters. I then added an extra page at the beginning and failed to do the third page with the punchline on it. This, perhaps more than anything else has defined my career up until this point. Lesson decidedly learned.

Moon : Doing it for Britain

There’s plenty of reasons to hate this country. It has no idea when it was an Empire or not and depending on who you ask may or may not have been one. It has no idea where its going. The Daily Mail and the Sun continue to sell. The government runs the country like a business. It has no direction and refuses to admit to itself basic truths about its future and past. Its students think they’re owed a degree. The politicians lie.

But through all of this one thing will stand out. Moon will stand dead centre of the heart of this fine nation; at the gates of Buckingham Palace and non-sing through his no mouth the words of the New and poignant National Anthem. No one will know the words as no words will be sung out loud to be heard but a feeling of contentedness and togetherness and a new sense of unity and belief will fall upon all of her citizens and we shall lead the world to a better tomorrow.