It’s been a long working week. The sirens of crimes already committed blaze through the night. The unfortunate drones make their way back to the flats and homes too small to really stretch they’re legs out or have a good Nerf fight in. If this describes your Friday, or even if it doesn’t, how about a free comic book, comedy and entertainment? How about the warmth of a like-minded crowd having the time of their lives? Sounds to me like you’re looking for the Moon Launch 3.

Others may be asking how to get Moon 3? So many different ways. You could wait for us to appear at a London con (February) OR you can come to Dirty Dicks, Broadgate, Liverpool Street, London get a free comic at the door and enjoy the best in new music, comedy and novelty bands with a drink in your hand, music in your ears and friends around you! Never has socialising ever been easier.

‘What’s that? You have a copy of Moon too!? Let’s talk.’

We’re too noisy for the Square Pig (Moon Launch 1), too big for the Miller (Moon Launch 2) so now we’re in the Vault of Dirty Dicks at London Liverpool Street. Centre of commerce and easy trips home!!

CONFIRMED: 2-piece comedy duo and friends to the Bunker, COLD CALLERS and Ska 5-piece JOB SEEKERS ALLIANCE!

Moon Launch 3 Flyer Front

Dropping Science: The Entire Known Universe in One Video

I love these kind of films and this one is truly breathtaking. It’s a combination of The American Museum of Natural History’s “Known Universe” video and the music of Hans Zimmer. The video takes us from the Himalayas to the very edge of the known universe and includes every single object ever observed at the scale and in the location that it should be. It does this by drawing on the museum’s Digital Universe Atlas, which is the most complex four dimensional map of the cosmos in the world.



(We’re down at the MCM Expo this weekend and we’ll have news about when Moon #2 is out and when our next Moon Launch party will be. If you’re down at the con then come find us in the Comic Village to learn more!)

Walking Dead Season 3

Season 3 of Walking Dead is coming and if you had any questions about what might happen, the four minute trailer above will answer all of your questions. Pretty much without any exceptions. To those who read Kirkman’s books you know that the potential for twists and turns is still there but to anyone who hasn’t you can’t help thinking that maybe they’d wonder what hasn’t been given away.

Good to see Michonne wandering out of the dark and the prison coming into view. Terrible things on the horizon, though whether they’ll dare take it as far as the original is hard to say – and potentially hard to watch. Frankly, it’ll be in those moments that the series decides whether it’ll be a legendary insight into the outer limits of human brutality or merely a well put together drama with notes of old school horror. Either way, I’m watching…

The Astonishing Cloud Atlas Trailer

Were you ready for that? Lana and Andy Wachowski and Tom Tyker’s ‘Cloud Atlas’ appears here in a blistering array of dizzying visual motifs. If that sound precocious that’s likely the work of the Wachowski’s. An unsuspecting world wasn’t prepared for the existential conundri that spurged out of the second two movies of the Matrix Trilogy, effectively killing the franchise before it had finished.

The Wachowski’s are comparably weird by anyone’s standard but they are artists working in a medium of film and, with the help of Tykwer – who provided the score along with Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil – sound. It just happens that thanks to the notoriety (and from the looks of it Asian budgets) they are working at a more commercial level. Other artists in the passed have loaded their bowels with multicoloured paint and expelled it onto canvas. An artists work isn’t automatically high art or accessible and whether this will be remains unproven.

But this trailer, the longest I’ve ever seen (I think) suggests a plethora of set pieces of such dizzying confidence and clarity that if the build up to the moments depicted in this spell binding trailer bear up in the final reel this has the potential to bring art house cinema crashing successfully into mainstream cinema. Based on the novel by David Mitchell, perhaps the borders laid out by an existing plot will keep the existential nonsense to a minimum. I hope so, because the Wachowskis at their best deserve a place in cinema history for the Matrix alone.

Dropping Science: The Higgs Boson Explained

As you probably know by now, scientists at CERN finally confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson (aka God) particle, or at least something which is a lot like what a Higgs would look like if we knew what one looked like. Confused already? That’s because particle physics is confusing. Fortunately for those of us who have trouble getting our heads around any physics that isn’t being explained by Professor Brian Cox and a pile of stones, the chaps at Minute Physics have produced this short video in order to explain it all in simple terms.

There’s a couple of follow up videos in the pipeline so you may want to go ahead and subscribe to their channel.


Suckablood – Short Horror Film

The 5th episode of Bloody Cuts Horror anthology is a dark, gothic bed-time story directed by Ben Tillett and Jake Cuddihy and starring mate to the Bunker Robin Berry (Clash of the Titans, Descent 2, Cock) winners of the 2011 SCI-FI-LONDON 48 hour Film Challenge for their short ‘The Intention of Miles’.

Only 5 episodes into their anthology of 13 short UK Horror films and believe us there are many more terrors to come…

Check out the rest at

Robin Berry in pretty much the only moment in Cock that we can show you……

OVERLOAD 1 out now!!

Overload 1 was released this weekend at Kapow. Martin Conaghan of Fallen Heroes and Burke and Hare fame has jump started his new anthology title with a messy, darkened, pulpy bang. More of a squish really as the stories featured take you to the dark side of Human experience. Ignorance, psychosis, paranoia and political satire bleed out of every panel. I had no idea what I was getting involved in. I do now.

Issue #1 of OVERLOAD features a stunning cover by Graeme Neil Reid (2000AD, Judge Dredd Megazine, The Beano) depicting the Iron Lady in all her zombified glory, attacking the good people of London – taken from the inaugural issue’s headline story ‘Primus Inter Pares’ (“First Among Equals”) – which sees the UK overcome by the dead returning from the grave and former prime ministers attempting to re-take 10 Downing Street. Written by Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd, Doctor Who, Dept of Monsterology) and Emma Beeby with art by newcomer Eoin Coveney, it’s a ‘biting’ satire on the country’s current political decline at the hands of the Conservative/Liberal Democrat alliance.

Omen (1 of 6 stories featured in OVERLOAD 1. Written by Geoffrey D Wessell and Drawn by… well .,,, me .. Steve Penfold….

Also featured in issue #1 is ‘Comort’ written by Dave Cook and Gary Crutchely (2000AD), a short story about the things in life we turn to when the chips are down.

‘Staring Into The Eye Of A Blackbird, You Can See The Things He Likes And The Things He Doesn’t’, written by Martin Hayes with art by Graeme Howard depicts the tale of a lonely young man whose existence disturbed by dreams of a mysterious blackbird that watches his every move…

Cy Dethan (Cancertown) scripts ‘Open Source’ with art by Aaron Moran in a story about protect something precious by keeping it hidden in plain sight…

While writer Matt Gibbs and James Reekie (The Ballad of Frank Satre) deliver the haunting ‘Otherworld Sailor’ – a tale about ancient religion and a shocking visitation.

OVERLOAD is intended to be a regular black and white anthology title showcasing the work of established talent, while introducing some new creators to the comics industry.

All material is creator-owned, with Overload reserving first reprint rights and some digital publishing rights. All deals are non-exclusive. We do not accept completed stories which have not been pre-approved. We do accept unsolicited idea submissions, but not unsolicited scripts. Submissions are by invite-only. For more information, send an email to: You can view a sampler of Overload #1 here:

Hitler responds to Kony 2012

One video this week has sent literal shockwaves of sentiment worldwide for the suffering of child soldiers under the regime of Joseph Kony, leader of the Lords Resistance Army. But nothing online reveals the ambiguity of ‘awareness’ and ‘message sending’ over such a heinous subject than this short – taking advantage of a popular meme involving a dictator who sent as many children into gas chambers during the second world war denouncing his modern equivalent.

To those unsure of the situation transpiring – we would recommend you watch this video which has already created a furore around the world and make up your own mind. It’s already being hailed as a tidal point in the internet’s capacity to bring issues to millions instantly but also denounced as an American plot to attack a poor nation. It’s confusing out there. Rumours they found oil there last week remain uncorroborated.

It’ll be interesting (and hopefully gratifying) to see if the internet can pull itself together and aid those with the capability to do it to intervene or (better) allow Uganda to deal with this issue. If children around the world can sleep soundly and safely forever it may be because of movements like this. Right now – it’s hard to say.

We here at Beyond the Bunker only hope that as a result something significant, positive and lasting takes place. And that arguments over the fact that the people trying to make the point are wearing hipsters drop further down the list of things we care about.

Mass Effect 3 Literal Trailer


For those of us on this side of the pond, Mass Effect 3 will land in our laps tomorrow morning (those of you lucky enough to get your Amazon pre-orders early may already be playing it). While you’re limbering up our thumbs to go take down The Reapers one last time, why not watch this alternative trailer for the game by youtuber Tobuscus. You may well have seem some of Toby’s literal game trailers before but this one stands out as one of the funniest. Drink while watching at your peril.

See you on the Citadel.