The Mad Tree – A Ghost Story In Ten Silly Minutes


Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that my writing partner, Jim Eaton and I have been working on a new short film over the past couple of months. Well here it is.

The Mad Tree is our homage to the ghost stories of M. R. James, with a little bit of our own silliness plugged in for good measure. It is the story of Mr Darcy Woodwind, a writer from London who falls afoul of a malevolent shrub. No real departure from our usual brand of daftness then.

The film is our latest attempt to inflict ourselves upon the 2 Days Later Horror festival. It’s the 10th anniversary of the event so it’d be really lovely if we get picked for the screening. I shall keep you posted on how things go.

As is often the way the edit was a total pain in the bum and after blowing a firewire port and having to run all over London, searching for someone who could capture the footage, I finally wrapped the edit up at 6AM the following morning. As a reward we’ve taken this week off from writing but we’ll be back into it after the weekend. The subject of the new project…radio. More soon.

As a final side note. It’s worth mentioning that Jack Gavin (who plays the lead role in this film as well as several of our other projects) is getting married today. Our best Bunker wishes to him and his lovely wife-to-be.


The Lady In The Grove – A Ghost Story

Jim Eaton and I are heading off to Reading in a couple of days to shoot our latest short. It’s a ghost story spoof about…well I won’t spoil it but it’ll probably be fairly silly. The film’s been written for this year’s 2 Days Later competition and will be (including competition’s comedic sister 2 Days Laughter) our 8th film for the festival!

It’s been fun working on a ghost story as they’re a particular passion of Jim’s and he has a far better eye than me for them. To help prove that I thought I’d throw up a ghost story that Jim did with Griff Jameson a few years back. It’s a “proper” ghost story rather than one infused with silliness and it’s very good. If you’re a fan of the old M. R. James TV adaptations from the 70s then you’ll dig this.



BTB Film – Ragnarok Dawn

The much mocked (mainly by us) Ragnarok Dawn was Steve and I’s first attempt at making a film together and pretty much the first project we ever did. It’s from the 2 Days Later competition 2008 and is about a group of Vikings who get lost in a haunted wood and have to fight zombies.

If you don’t totally understand some bits of the story then that’s fine because I don’t either and I co-wrote it. That part aside though it does feature some fantastic make-up by Ali Reith and some very cool fight scenes by the talent team of Viking reenactors that offered to be involved. You also get to see Steve stab me in the head, which has got to be worth something.

The trailer however is awesome.


BTB Film – The Devil’s Fork

Another film by Jim Eaton and me this week. The Devil’s fork is a comedy horror, produced for the 2 Days Later horror competition 2010. It stars Joshua Broadstone and Jack Gavin as a pair of regular guys who are menaced by a sinister toasting fork and its ghostly owner. It also features some lovely camera work by Steve.

Devil’s Fork was Jim and I’s first proper film project together and it remains one of my favourites. The film went on to win Best Screenplay and Best Popular Film at the competition, which was a nice bonus!

Hope you dig it.


Oh and if you’re so inclined, you can watch the outtakes too.

58 Team Wins Big At 2 Days Later

Those of you who’ve followed us for a long while will know that we’re big fans of the 2 Days Later Horror competition and so it’s lovely to be able to report that a collective of good friends of ours have stormed this year’s competition, walking away with 8 nominations and 3 awards! The Rozie Owen helmed Zombie film “58” scored wins in the Best Actress and Best SFX categories before bagging the main event prize of Best Film, it’s a powerhouse of a performance that’s not been seen since…well the last time the guys entered a film.

The movie’s not on vimeo just yet but you can watch on the 2DL site by clicking HERE. I’ll throw up an embedded version here on the site as soon as it’s out.

Congratulations to Rozie, Ben, Paul, Al, Alan, Joe and everyone else who worked on the project.



Prepping up for Kapow!! Things that might be available at Kapow!

Look - badges!! (possibly)

Now you might well think that we were just going to wander up to Kapow with a box full of books and try to push them off onto any unsuspecting soul walking by. But no – we plan (hope) to offer choice!! CHOICE!! That’s right. Not only the heady goodness that is a copy of Moon 1 but you can (perhaps) buy badges of various designs AND the First Beyond the Bunker DVD – a collection of mine and Dan’s short films (mostly Dan’s if I’m honest – I was drawing things). 6 of the best from the BTB Film collection no less with The Devil’s Fork, Cock, the newly minted Wild Watch – fresh from success at the 2 Days Laughter short film competition – some children’s television entertainers sanguine too with Edd: Ducking the Past, (Box):Fresh and the film that spawned the legend – The Day the Moon got too Close. All on 1 DVD! Plus extras! Plus I think there’s a trailer on there somewhere- WOOHOO!! (Ahem).

However, the badge company have informed us there are delays to the delivery and the DVD covers are currently with an unnamed supporter of the Bunker who is risking all to complete them all and get them back to us tomorrow night… so we’ll have to see what happens…..

But who cares because we have Moon 1 and Fallen Heroes will be available to all comers (limited supply of FH 1 so get in quick at the Fallen Heroes table!!).

A New Dawn for BTB Film

I’ve just finished revamping the Films section of the website so from now on it should be much easier for you dear people to find all of our short films and sketches. Click on the link at the top of the page or CLICK HERE to have a look.

Jim and I finished editing the latest flick the other night, we’re just waiting on a effects shot from Paul and it will be ready to unleash on the world or at least dropped off in a lay-by with a map and a bag of sandwiches.


Friday Film – Cock

Every Friday we descend into the vaults here at Bunker HQ and dig out one of the many fine (and occasionally not so fine) films that we have produced over the years. Come join us for another instalment of cinematic silliness.

In 2008 we took Ragnarok Dawn to the 2 Days Later Film Competition in Margate. In hindsight – and when the competition came around again – I had nothing but wanted to enter. Something had bothered me about the year before – that while it was loaded with very well put together hand-crafted original films there wasn’t a judder or a shock or an audible noise from the audience. From that idea, and the list of things that had to be involved in the film (a puppet, a line of dialogue ‘I heard about that last night on the radio’ and an aphrodisiac) this grotesque monster of a short film formed. The day before I discovered there’d be no Boom mike so apologies for the sound.

For our trouble a Special Effects award for the incredibly talented William Fitzgerald and a thanks from me to Luke Ireland (for surviving), Sarah Jolly (for stepping in at the last minute to play the ‘love’ interest), William for the ‘Cock’, Mark Hung for the original score and Laura Kressley for trying to help me keep it together as well as everyone else who was about to help put this madness together.


Going Wild – Our New Film Takes It Back To Nature!

Afternoon all,

We spend a lot of time at the Bunker talking about other people’s films so it’s nice that amidst all the hobbits and lanterns there’s actually been a fair bit of interest in our own little film project. That being the case, I figure it’s only fair to give you a quick update on how things are going on that front.

The film is called “Wild Watch” and it’s a five minute short that we’re making for the 2 Days Laughter competition. 2DL is an annual bit of fun that challenges film makers to shoot and edit a 5 minute comedy short in just 48 hours and then submit it to a panel of industry professionals. We’ve been making films for this and its horror based sister competition, 2 Days Later, for a few years now and both dates have become firm fixtures in the diary. Steve and I’s schedules could, at best, be described as chaotic so having two fixed points each year when we know one or both of us is going to make a film is infinitely useful.

I had to sit the competition out last year as I was neck deep in Moon scripting so I’m keen to make a good showing this time around. With that in mind I’m teaming up with two of my very favourite film makers in the shape of J.T. Eaton and Paul Wade. You’ll remember Mr Eaton as the mastermind behind last year’s The Devil’s Fork and if you’re not already familiar with Paul’s work then you’ve probably not been reading this site for very long. P and I have worked on more films than I care to recall and it’s always a lot of fun. Rounding out the team we’ve got Rozi Owen (of [Box] Fresh ‘fame’) and Paul Teeling who you will be able to see pulling a variety of amazing faces in Cock when it’s uploaded to the site tomorrow. Conspicuous by his absence, of course, is Steve himself. Sadly the artistic one is still chained to his desk putting the finishing touches to Moon #1 so we’re having to make do without him on this outing.

Jim and I put the finishing touches to the script last night and you’ll be pleased to know that it contains both a joke about early Roman oratory and the word “Cockhammer”. We’re shooting the whole thing in Greenwich over the weekend and then it’s off to the studio to make Paul cry about just how many effects shots we’ve asked him to do.

Screen grab from our last short: The Devil's Fork

As much as I’d rather like to have my evenings back so I can enjoy my new home, I’m really jazzed about this project. It’s a great team of people and I’m very happy with some of the jokes we’ve come up with. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you any more about it, but hopefully this little gem from Moledmc will give you a little clue of what we’re planning:

Catch you tomorrow for more filmic madness.


P.s. I saw some of the finished lettering for Moon today, it looks like sex on toast…really nice toast.

Friday Film – Ragnarok Dawn Part 2

Every Friday we descend into the vaults here at Bunker HQ and dig out one of the many fine (and occasionally not so fine) films that we have produced over the years. Come join us for another instalment of cinematic silliness.

First came the trailer, then part 1 and now at last we come to the end of our little zombie adventure…and there’s actually zombies this week! The second half our our ambitious short film comes complete with some really cool fight choreography from Mr Paul O’Shea, some rather dodgy hair acting from me and a bit of religious imagery that is about as subtle as David Bowie’s trousers. The things we do when we are young! Enjoy!