BTB Film – Ragnarok Dawn

The much mocked (mainly by us) Ragnarok Dawn was Steve and I’s first attempt at making a film together and pretty much the first project we ever did. It’s from the 2 Days Later competition 2008 and is about a group of Vikings who get lost in a haunted wood and have to fight zombies.

If you don’t totally understand some bits of the story then that’s fine because I don’t either and I co-wrote it. That part aside though it does feature some fantastic make-up by Ali Reith and some very cool fight scenes by the talent team of Viking reenactors that offered to be involved. You also get to see Steve stab me in the head, which has got to be worth something.

The trailer however is awesome.


Total Recall is back (or is it an implant?)

Total Recall is back and the trailer gives almost as much away as the 1990 version. Looks like Paul Verhoeven’s psychedelic pre-Starship Troopers colour scheme is out the air tight window for the standard gun metal grey filter the future’s always in nowadays. And Harold of Harold and Kumar looks like he’s gone up in the world.

As the nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai vie for supremacy, a factory worker (Farrell) begins to suspect that he’s a spy, though he is unaware which side of the fight he’s on. Is it even on Mars?! Aw, Man…

For those of you still pining for the original here’s the 1990 version for you.

Mass Effect 3 Literal Trailer


For those of us on this side of the pond, Mass Effect 3 will land in our laps tomorrow morning (those of you lucky enough to get your Amazon pre-orders early may already be playing it). While you’re limbering up our thumbs to go take down The Reapers one last time, why not watch this alternative trailer for the game by youtuber Tobuscus. You may well have seem some of Toby’s literal game trailers before but this one stands out as one of the funniest. Drink while watching at your peril.

See you on the Citadel.


Epic Concrete Hustle Lightsabre Duel

Best thing about modern special effects techniques is that it gives portly asian boys the chance to fight in extreme battle sequences with Kung-fu flipping warriors in High Rise parking lots. Thank God for After Effects!!

Remarkably the Lightsabre hilts were made from sink taps which just goes to show you just how kitchen sink this production really was.

Courtesy of Infectiousdesigner on Youtube.

Prometheus Trailer

Much has been made of the apparent prequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien. An expansion of the universe (and reportedly directly relating to aspects of Alien; namely the giant alien astronaut corpse found in the space ship wreck) there is a great deal of anticipation. Reports from the set suggest that Ridley Scott is entirely unswayed by any of the conjecture surrounding his latest project. As you’d expect of a great director moving towards a potentially seminal piece of cinema he’s keeping things firmly to his chest. It is however, supposedly a matter of success or destruction for the entire Human race. How that works is still uncertain but it looks like it could be a great ride finding out according to this intriguing trailer.

Extreme Paintball


Steve and I went paintballing together a couple of years ago. It was pretty much exactly like this with the obvious exception that we were hiding in a hut and crying rather than doing crazy jumps and shooting everyone.

This awesome vid was made by Saman Keshavarz as a music video for Porter Robinson’s track Spitfire. Stitching the footage together to appear as one continuous shot like this takes some serious editing skills. Nice.


Dubstep Gun beats Pocketknife


If the awesome new Assassin’s Creed Revelations Trailer hasn’t sated your lust for heavy electronica fight scenes then you’re in luck. Corridor Digital dropped this amazing video last night, detailing the adventures of a team of high tech dub powered laser cops.

“The Drop Squad – an elite force infused with the power of heavy electronic beats. They posses lasers made out of dubstep! Some say they are a menace to society. Others say they are just misunderstood. The Drop Squad themselves think they’re a lot like Batman.”

The visuals are stunning, the music is brutal and the guy with the cigarette is my new hero. Give it a watch and remember to always speak softly and carry some phat beats…yes I just said “phat beats”.