Just testing out some banners… more to come…

We here at Beyond want your perusing experience to be an easy one. With that in mind we’re developing up some more banners for you to punch as soon as you’ve figured out what you like best. They’ll be appearing here and there – mostly Moon stuff to highlight events regarding ol’ chalk face. These are testers. Let us know what you think.

More will appearing for Monsieur Poppaleux, Dropping Science etc, etc.

Photos of the Moon Comics and Banners!

It’s been rather an exciting day over here. The first print run of Moon arrived this morning (just as I was getting in the shower) and the banners followed them a few hours later (just as I was about to eat my bacon sandwich). I thought it was only fair that we shared some photos of this joyous event with you lovely people.

One of these comics could be yours!

When the comics arrived I did offer to go down to the lobby of our building and pick them up, but the nice delivery lady said she’d bring them up to the flat. By the time I opened the door of our 5th floor home to her, I think she was regretting her decision. 😉

The banners in their carry cases

The banners themselves look fantastic and go up like a dream. Very happy with them.

In all their glory.

2 meters high and almost a meter wide! Iv did the colours for us on these and they may well be her finest work. Steve’s art is fantastic as always. We’ll post up some high res versions of these images at some point, but we thought you deserved to see just how cool they look right away.

If I look like a kid a Christmas it's because I am a massive kid and it does feel like Christmas!

No Doubt there will be more Moon merchandise to come in the future but for now we are locked, loaded and ready to roll!

If you want to get your hands on some of these sweet comics then COME TO OUR PARTY! There may be cake*


* there is no cake.