Diary of a bum artist 01.05.12 : C’mon Moon 2!!

We continue to work solidly on the second issue of moon 2. Moving (very swiftly) towards the last pages now, iv is doing all she can to complete the colour work on the second edition of our semi-orbital hero.

It’s been a long while now and I can only apologise profusely to all those who are waiting so patiently for the second edition of Moon. Rest assured, that while there have been delays we are sincerely working as hard and fast as we possibly can to get it completed.

In the back of my mind, particularly because of the length of time it has been between issues I am not prepared to put out anything less than an excellent issue. Those who have supported us, and Dan, and Iv for all her hard work deserve to see the best outing (of two) for Moon there has ever been.

Moon is out benchmark, Moon feels like our way out of the amateur field (much as we love it) and present ourselves as the professionals we want to be.

Course, being a professional means finishing the damn book so I’m lacking slightly in that respect. I’d like to point out that danno completed the script for the first volume of moon 2 years ago so frankly he deserves an award for patience beyond the ken of icici.

It’s coming!!! – and by Jove it’ll be awesome if it kills me.


Moon : Doing it for Britain

There’s plenty of reasons to hate this country. It has no idea when it was an Empire or not and depending on who you ask may or may not have been one. It has no idea where its going. The Daily Mail and the Sun continue to sell. The government runs the country like a business. It has no direction and refuses to admit to itself basic truths about its future and past. Its students think they’re owed a degree. The politicians lie.

But through all of this one thing will stand out. Moon will stand dead centre of the heart of this fine nation; at the gates of Buckingham Palace and non-sing through his no mouth the words of the New and poignant National Anthem. No one will know the words as no words will be sung out loud to be heard but a feeling of contentedness and togetherness and a new sense of unity and belief will fall upon all of her citizens and we shall lead the world to a better tomorrow.