The Stars Of Moon Launch 2

It’s 11pm the day after Moon Launch and I’m just about getting over the hangover. Suffice it to say it was an amazing night and I feel very proud to have played a small part in it. We shall endeavour to post up some photos as soon as possible but in the mean time I thought I’d chuck up some details of the real stars of the show, the acts.

We opened the night with Patsy & Tim, also known as master puppeteer Laura Bacon and musician Tim Berryman. Their cover of the Pokemon theme was easily one of the highlights of the entire night and they had everyone in hysterics for their entire set.

You can find out more about Laura’s puppet work on her facebook fan page.

We kept the comedy going with a barnstorming performance by musical comedy duo, Cold Callers. Ryan and Paul played at the first Moon Launch and were good enough to dust off the official Moon theme song one more time.

You can follow the boys on twitter, listen to some of their songs again on myspace and you should most certainly check out their podcast on itunes.

 For me one of the real highlights of the night turned out to be blues singer, JD Smith whose set caused me to dash outside and demand all the smokers drop their fags and come listen. If I can find a good quality youtube video then I’ll sling one up on the site but for now you can listen to some of his fantastic music on his myspace.

He likes Garth Ennis too which is always a plus.

 The night was rounded off by the reggae sounds of John Blood and the Highlys. The band were good enough to step in on very short notice and were superb from start to finish. The perfect end to an eclectic night of music.

If you want to catch more of John Blood and the Highlys then you can do so on their website.

And just to round it off, here’s one of their videos:

Thanks again to everyone who came, we hope you had a fantastic time and that you enjoy the comic. If you weren’t able to make it then don’t fret, the book will be available to buy on line in the next few days.


Moon’s Song of the Week: Blowjob For the Blues by Beans on Toast


Nothing on my new music radar has really lit me up this week so here’s something from the vault that you may not have come across before. Beans on Toast is a part time minstrel/part time bar man who is probably most famous for being really good mates with Frank Turner. Beans has supported Frank at several of his gigs including the one night mega concert at Wembley which is where I first saw him. During the Wembley set Beans tried out some songs he’d never done before, forgot the words, abandoned a couple half way through because he was bored and then dived into the relatively modest audience (most people hadn’t even arrived at that point) and demanded they carry him to the bar. In short it was bloody fantastic.

This track comes from Beans’ album “Trying to Tell the Truth” and is the perfect accompaniment for the festival season. If you like low-fi music videos featuring girls with no trousers dancing like your dad, then this is the tune for you.

You can download this track for free from his website.


Diary of a Bum Artist: 22.04.12. Crossroads.

There comes a time when you are at a crossroads. There at the intersection sits the devil offering all you ever wanted should you choose the right path and potential damnation if you don’t. In American folklore, the blues player meets the devil at this lonely intersection and is granted a rare and precious talent for the cheap price of his immortal soul. But the devil for me isn’t sitting brazenly in the failing light on a Midwestern crossroad, puffing sulphuric ash from curled nostrils and bearing his hog teeth beguilingly. The devil for me is in the dust under my feet and the air that I breathe. The devil, this time, is in the details.

There are times when your choices slim. Where you have pushed too far in a journey and no obvious end is visible – and you are tired. Somewhere down the more inviting, familiar path you have followed so long lies darkness, a blur of uncertainty of a destination uncertain. You swore when you started the journey it wouldn’t be quite so far. You should have arrived at it by now and alternatives are beginning to appear more appealing to your tired body and mind. The other road offers solace and an easier, shorter path. There are lights on it and a reduced chance of failure. While there are pitfalls, they are well lit. The sight of the sanctuary is easily approached and readily available. There is room at that inn. It offers obvious comforts and warmth and rest and is so much easier to reach. It just wasn’t what you set out to find…

The road behind me is darkened and full of ghosts; at present disquieted and accusing. I have a feeling those ghosts, who’s true nature before so nurturing and kindly and close, now stirred and angry and wailing, will follow me forever, perhaps become more muffled and subdued with each passing mile I put between me and that which stirred them. I have made mistakes and I’m not sure that I ever want the assembled ghosts to be silent. Not truly. They form a circle of whispers and warnings from the past and one well worth listening to.

But more importantly, your companion is growing tired. While they travelled with you, your burden has become theirs. Worse – at times – while trying to reach your destination you let them carry you at times, causing them now to buckle under the greater strain. While you could push on it would be a selfish act and one that doesn’t acknowledge the shame of letting others carry you.

Tonight, on the train Dan and I talked very seriously about what was next. I think it’s time I chose. And whatever I choose, I have to give my nearest and dearest a break. I have an interview tomorrow for a sales position. Today I spoke to Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett about comics. Whatever happens I’ll be sitting in the chair tomorrow at an interview in a lit room in East Finchley. While the bustle of a publishing office clatters around me I can assure you I will be sitting on a very darkened crossroads trying to decide on what to do next. To anyone else it’ll look like a man taking an interview – but as I said – the devil is in the details….

RIP Etta James


This isn’t really geek news but Etta James passed away today at the age of 73. I’ve been a fan of Etta’s music for some time and she’s one of the artists that I routinely listen to while working so I thought it was only right to acknowledge that. Here’s a bit of her wonderful music to brighten your Friday night.

Rest in Peace, Etta. Thanks for the music.