London Comic & Small Press Expo Photos

Afternoon chaps,

As you probably know, Steve and I were at the London Comic and Small Press Expo a week or so two back. I had intended to get a full report of the con up on the site sooner than this but as you might have seen from all the stuff happening around here, it’s been a wee bit busy!

The view of the con from the BTB stand

The event took place in Goldsmiths College in New Cross which is, architecturally speaking,  about as lovely a room as you could hope to have a con in. Beautiful building, fairly centrally located, cash machine on site, all of these things make for a good comic book convention. Though I must admit that the discovery of a Costa on the site did eat into the day’s profits by a fair margin.

Small Press conventions are famous for the interesting and eclectic nature of the people who attend them and this was certainly no exception with exhibitors ranging from the commercial to the down right outlandish. To a man though, they were all charming, helpful and extremely tolerant of the two newbies faffing about with Moon banners around their stalls. Special thanks should go to Mr Tim Harries who was kind enough to keep an eye on the stand when we couldn’t be about as well as being a thoroughly nice chap who produces very very funny cartoons.

The BTB stand (check out our very ethnic table cloth)

The day started off slowly, I mean, really freakin slowly. We actually had to go and ask somebody if the event had opened. Still, it took us a good hour or so to get over the embarrassment of having forgotten to buy a proper table cloth for the stand and having to use a rather hippyish sheet from my storytelling days in its stead, so maybe that’s not such a bad thing. 😉 It also gave us a chance to go and make friends and plan what we were going to say at the panel later in the event and we did manage to land a few sales which was nice.

Things finally picked up just after lunch and by the time Steve went off to do the panel the comics were flowing nicely. I won’t go into a tonne of detail on the panel itself as I think Steve’s probably better placed to chat about it but suffice it to say it was a memorable one. Meanwhile I sold a lot of comics, made some friends, sold more comics, got wrongly chewed out by a kid over one of the books plot points (something of a right of passage for me as a writer I feel) and attempted to sound knowledgeable while giving feedback to a very talented aspiring artist (with varying degrees of success).

Moon sketch by Steve. He declined my suggestion that the woman have Charlie Sheen's face

In the end we went home thoroughly happy chaps. The book had sold almost twice as many copies as we were aiming for, we’d managed to say some interesting things about our views on Small Press without being chased from the building with pitchforks and (most importantly) we’d met some Bunkerites face to face and found them to be the very best of people. Sure, Steve threw his back out and I had to carry all the kit home, but you can’t have everything your own way in this crazy, rock and roll(ish) business, can you.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support and bought a comic, we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did making it…actually probably best that you enjoy it more than we did making it. Next stop BTB Launch Party and then on to Kapow. Busy busy times!



Moon Launch T-Minus 5

Okay – with 5 more days to go and thought we’d try out a new flyer/poster for the Moon/Beyond the Bunker launch. In 4 days time the Square Pig in Holborn will be lit up and ignited with the launch of Beyond the Bunker’s flagship title; Moon! As you already know the first review is in from and frankly we’re proud to say the response is excellent.

To grab your copy head over to the Square Pig, right next to Holborn Station on Saturday and pay £5 at the door or sign up for guest list at Paypal ensuring you a reserve signed copy and definite entry. We have added an extra act to the proceedings as well with the inimitable Skyskratcher who are helping us rig up too.

Add Skyskratcher to the already massive line-up of the comedy music duo Cold Callers and the Damn Jammage as well as musical and comedy interludes from friend to the Bunker, general global influence and Panda lover Paul Sweeney running the evening as well as a signed and numbered copy of Moon and we are offering you a massive night for a mere £5 entry.

It’s been a long road to get to this point and we have to thank everyone that has got us to this stage – namely Ivanna Matilla, Benjamin Morgan, Paul Wade, Stuart Gould (UKomics) as well as all the bands and folks who have offered their help in putting this all together and all those who’ve shown interest in all this so far – Joe Innes for his amazing review – Sas Stewart for finding us a sound engineer and Jude Benjamin from Skyskratcher for stepping in at short notice. Finally, BTH Architects for funding the first run of books, our parents and long suffering fiancees – and your good selves. Where the fuck would we be without you….?

So see you on Saturday night after 6. Turn up equipped with Ha ha bones, dancing boots and telescopes. More details on the event over the next few days….

Its a sign! Biggest Moon in 20 years over Britain 1 week before official release of Moon 1!!

As you all know by now its the official release of Moon 1 and the Beyond the Bunker launch party on Saturday 26th 2011. As if in response, the titanic flow of the orbs throughout the dark vacuum of space have given us the single greatest advert for the release of Moon 1 as the Moon itself will be larger in the sky over Britain than in 19 years!!

This is because it’ll be at its closest point in an elliptical orbit around the Earth at the same time as it appearing as a full Moon (fully lit) in the night sky. When the Moon approaches at a distance of 221,567 miles – the closest it will have passed since 1992 the full Moon could appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter to the naked eye, especially when it rises on the eastern horizon at sunset or is offered the right atmospheric conditions.

Conspiracy theorists (can you have a conspiracy involving an orbiting body?) have suggested that the Japan Earthquake was caused by the proximity of the Moon and some scientists have guardedly suggested it might be a mitigating factor in weak pressure points at the Equator as greater pressure is applied to the flow of tides however the effect is unlikely and its viewed as a popular misconception. However, the last close pass to the Earth by the Moon was on January 10th 2005, around the time of the Indonesian Earthquake that also registered 9.0 on the richter scale. Hm. How’s that on your chalkboards professor?!

But for us at the Bunker it’s as if the elliptical orbit was lined perfectly at the very creation of the solar system, when the Moon was in its very infancy and formed from the molten orb of the Earth itself to coincide almost perfectly with the release of Beyond the Bunker’s flagship title and take a closer look. Do not look upon this in doubt, do not stop and think even momentarily that it is – if you think about it – still a week out, don’t talk to me about Astrology – this is Astronomy!! Astronomy at its most meaningful!!

All you have to do in order to honour our great celestial brother in the sky is attend the great pagan alter of the Square Pig in Holborn on the 26th March (next weekend) to receive your copy of Moon 1 – reviewed just yesterday as ‘…like Blackadder if it was made by HBO…’ and ‘it’s rare to see something that looks this good…’

So join the revolution and dance under the great Spring Moon to live musical performances by Paul Sweeney, Cold callers and the Damn Jammage, all prepped up, psyched and ready for riling!! THE MOON DECLARES IT!! AWOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Steve P

Kapow! Moon Joins The Walking Dead, True Blood & Kick Ass at the UK’s Hottest New Con!

BTB is extremely proud to announce that we will be bringing Moon to Kapow! Comic Con this coming April. Dubbed “London’s answer to San Diego” Kapow! is gathering a simply staggering number of big names together from the world of comics, film and TV. Misfits, Being Human, Marvel, DC, they’re all going to be there in force and standing right front and center (if not by an act of booking then an act of gravity) will be BTB’s big Moony detective!

Kapow promises to be something special. Not only do they have the big names but they’re promising major announcements from top studios, a world premier of an as-yet-undisclosed comic movie and the first ever “Stan Lee Awards“. Better yet, all you pay for the day is the cost of entry. Once you’re in then all the panels, guests and other assorted high-jinx won’t cost you a silver dime.

We’ll be there with limited edition, individually numbered and signed copies of Moon #1. We’re also working on having a few copies of Fallen Heroes #1 for sale as well (but no guarantees on that as the demand for copies is currently far in excess of the number available). If you want a copy of FH then get to us early! There’s even been a rumour that Moon himself may make an appearance in the flesh/rock!

Tickets for the event can be bought from THE KAPOW! WEBSITE and we strongly suggest that you pre-book yours as they will almost certainly all be sold out by the time the event rolls around.

We have more live dates in the pipeline that we shall be announcing soon. Bur for now, enjoy the Kapow! trailer, buy a TICKET FOR THE BTB LAUNCH PARTY and beware of hands bearing coke refills!


Photos of the Moon Comics and Banners!

It’s been rather an exciting day over here. The first print run of Moon arrived this morning (just as I was getting in the shower) and the banners followed them a few hours later (just as I was about to eat my bacon sandwich). I thought it was only fair that we shared some photos of this joyous event with you lovely people.

One of these comics could be yours!

When the comics arrived I did offer to go down to the lobby of our building and pick them up, but the nice delivery lady said she’d bring them up to the flat. By the time I opened the door of our 5th floor home to her, I think she was regretting her decision. 😉

The banners in their carry cases

The banners themselves look fantastic and go up like a dream. Very happy with them.

In all their glory.

2 meters high and almost a meter wide! Iv did the colours for us on these and they may well be her finest work. Steve’s art is fantastic as always. We’ll post up some high res versions of these images at some point, but we thought you deserved to see just how cool they look right away.

If I look like a kid a Christmas it's because I am a massive kid and it does feel like Christmas!

No Doubt there will be more Moon merchandise to come in the future but for now we are locked, loaded and ready to roll!

If you want to get your hands on some of these sweet comics then COME TO OUR PARTY! There may be cake*


* there is no cake.