Moon goes to Cardiff!

Cardiff complete crop

Two years ago(isn) I attended my first ever convention in Cardiff. We had a stand all day but we sold out in less than 1 hour. I still don’t know how that happened as the books were selling at a rate of more than one a minute. That was Fallen Heroes, my first complete issue, and boy, did it give me the wrong impression of world in indy comics. But it remains a very cool memory of my first drop into indy comics. Folks were friendly, both in front and behind the tabletops.

This time it’s Moon heading to Cardiff, on a table that became spare at the last minute. Dan’s lovely wife, Fi, is having her birthday this weekend and it was decided that Dan should fulfill his husbandly duties and spend it with her.

So it is me, Lonely warrior of the South East who will make the trek to the highlands of the countries great principality. I look forward to close harmony singing and I don’t look forward the inevitability of rain – as I understand it, if it’s a nice weekend it will be the first in 3000 years and will be believed to be an omen of the apocalypse by the local gentry. I may have misunderstood much of what I claim to understand of Cardiff. But it was raining last time….

In all seriousness, we look forward to bringing our Defender of the British Isles to meet our brothers in Wales. Despite spending many years in England, Moon is a great fan of consistent, passionate rugby and so has never known who to back in the 6 Nations. Just not the French.


Late Announcement: On the road to Cardiff!!

Fallen Heroes and Beyond the Bunker will be attending the Cardiff International Comic Expo on the 26th of this month. I’m excited to announce that we will be launching the first issue of the Fallen Heroes comic adaptation at the Cardiff International Comic Show.The Expo will be held on Sat 26th Feburary at the Mercure Holland House Hotel.

At the moment myself (Steve Penfold) and Barry Nugent, the writer of original novel will be attending and selling copies of issue 1. Excitingly enough and because I’m on the Barry Nugent promo train now, we will also be doing a panel at the Expo to talk about Fallen Heroes in general, the background to the project, some of the challenges the creative team faced in adapting the novel and the future. Both myself and Barry can be trusted I think to be interesting for 45 minutes.

As well as representing Fallen Heroes we will be offering details on and what the future holds for Moon and the website itself. Flyers and details will be available from the Fallen Heroes desk.

Our colourist, Gat said he would like to attend but couldn’t attend due to the fact he lives 2000 miles away in South Africa. Selfish. I’ll make sure he goes to the next one.