Dropping Science: How to Cure Your Hangover With Science!

The vast bulk of my work these days tends to be written at the pub (The Mughouse beneath London Bridge for anybody who’s curious) and as a result hangovers are something of an occupational hazard for me. Fortunately for people like us, ASAPScience has put together this fun video, offering scientifically proven tips on how to avoid the nasty effects of booze.

Now all they need to do is come up with a way to still write coherently beyond the forth glass of wine.


The complete Star Wars Holiday Special (with authentic 1978 ads)

Few things have gone down in notoriety like the Star Wars Holiday Special. Almost unanimously revered as the worst thing ever brought out of the Star Wars canon it was, I think, a sincere attempt to bring Star Wars to Christmas.

Dodging any religious incorrectness, Wookees celebrate Life Day on Kashyyk. watch Harrison Ford struggle manfully to maintain cheer, hope that Uncle Itchy doesn’t beat little cousin Lumpy in front of the cameras. In between the ludicrous schmaltz there is some decent action sequences and if you like the idea of seeing extra Han Solo / Chewbacca footage, Carrie Fisher singing and some season friendly chop socky against Imperial humbuggers then take a look. There’s even a bit of Jefferson Starship. Through the fact that it’s essentially a day in the life of a Wookee family (including a geriatric Wookee getting his jollies watching dancing girls in a hair dryer). Brilliant!

We here at Beyond the Bunker wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!