Fallen Heroes back: The Reverend, Chardon and Washington character designs (and a wrong’un)

One of the most prominent characters in the Fallen Heroes canon is a man named the Reverend – a challenge to say the least as he is described firstly as ‘normal’ and the description of him is left oddly loose beyond that. Tackling this character had taken some thought in order to reflect the fans of the original novel and the character himself. I’d personally heard many fans of the book explaining that the Reverend is their favourite character. The Nuge confirmed this design of the central character and force of nature last night so here he is…

Above are two more character designs from the first set to appear in the second issue of Fallen Heroes. Didn’t get the Reverend exactly right to begin with as Nic Wilkinson of Insomnia can atest to. My first Reverend design was a little off kilter and based a little too heavily on the saint of Killers from Preacher. Barry never saw that one as it wasn’t included… (be here next week to see that version).

Cheers, Steve P