‘Airstrike Suck-arse!!’ Rocket Raccoon Joins Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Rocket Raccoon joins the throng of Capcom and Marvel Godheads that pummel each other as part of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom and he’s a cockney wideboy!! Although it appears he shouts ‘Airstrike Suck-arse!’ just after kicking Chun-li’s teeth in which is odd, perhaps in an American attempt at a cockney accent, Rocket has been one of our favourite characters for ages and it’s good to see him bombing a wolf. Seems the Guardians of the Galaxy might be nothing without him but it would appear he’s a bit of a tw@t.

Whatever the reason behind Rocket coming from the mean streets of Tottenham and Bexley Heath it’s good to see that the universe’s primary defence against reality bending necromancers talks like a Pearly King after 15 pints and a gin in the ol’ Dog in Canning Town. When it comes to kick ass on a galactic level; send in the mammal who fashions himself on the Krays.

Epileptic Fury: Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Trailer

Out now on XBox 360, Playstation 3, its the return of the cross platform, cross genre, cross character cross over. Reviews are in and are great. Its choice of characters is reportedly enormous. 43 playable characters from across both Universes there’s an infinite amount of gameplay to be found if you’re a fan of either side.

The trailer itself uses comic book lettering to great effect and there’s some unnecessary glass smashing something that reminds me of a certain Moon headed agent of justice. Might borrow some of the angles and gunfire effects for when things really start kicking off in Moon. If only there was a character who would use a semi-automatic….