First Ever Non Con Fan Moon Art by Conor Boyle!!

Conor Boyle (Pencil_monkey) posted up this beautiful portrait of our hero, Moon the other day. It’s magnificent and disturbingly prescient of a scene in Moon 2. He’s even got the same gun as he has in the book. This isn’t surprising as Conor is a great artist and we’d advise you take a look at his work on So this is the first piece of Moon artwork completed outside of a convention. We’d like to think this’ll inspire others to do the same because we love to see it. If anyone fancies doing a sketch of Moon we’ll post up and plug you up!!

Hope this is the first of more. Thanks to Conor Boyle.

The Other Men in Black


Reminder About Demoncon This Sunday

Just wanted to remind you that if you fancy a bit of a warm up for the big conventions next month, there’s a 1 day comic con in Maidstone, Kent this Sunday. It’s called Demoncon and as well as featuring the very best indy talent in the UK it also boasts an impressive line up of pro creators as well.

We’ll be there as will the likes of Kieron Gillen (Uncanny X-Men, Journey Into Mystery), Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Warhammer 40K) and many more.

We won’t have any copies of Moon #2 for sale I’m afraid, but if you come and ask Steve really nicely, he might show you some of the pencils for it. We will have copies of Moon #1 however as well as some sexy A4 Prints that you can take home and love forever.

Demoncon runs form 11am til 4pm at the EXCHANGE STUDIO, MAIDSTONE, on April the 22nd and it costs a mere £5 to get in. How can you refuse?

For a full guest list, check out their website.


Moon has a great weekend at LSCC!!

After a long weekend of meeting new fans and seeing old friends we can honestly say that the LSCC was a massive success for all involved. Hosted at Excel Centre it’s fair to say that everyone there will be leaving a space in their diary to see what’ll happen next year. Moon had a great weekend!

The LSCC was incredibly successful. The idea of creating a comic book only event meant that everybody knew why they were there and had a great time. Harry Markos, one of the organisers and owner of Markosia Comics was very clear about the success of it. By the end of day 1 it had already proven itself more successful than any other con he’d been involved in.

This was reflected in the weekend everyone had – including us. Sparse though it was, the simplicity of it’s message benefitted everybody and frankly pushed the British indy scene even further and faster ahead than it already had. Moon included which saw record sales over the weekend. Massive thanks to all the great people who stopped by, showed an interest and bought a copy. Nothing without you guys.

We introduced some new things as well at this con. Alongside the book and the badges (free with every copy!) we are now supplying a set of prints featuring all the main characters from Issue 1. The most successful of the con turned out to be a simple image of Ray which surprised both me and Dan.

One thing that became undeniable over the weekend was that Moon Launch 2 is inevitable. It’s well on it’s way. As we’ve told those at the con this weekend, Moon 2 will be released at an undisclosed date at an undisclosed venue. Details will be appearing here in the coming month. Something we here at Beyond the Bunker are very much looking forward to…

How to propose to a geek


As a man who proposed to his wife in front of a massive skeletal dinosaur I can appreciate the desire to mask the terror of asking someone to marry you buy locating the event somewhere awesome. This video however (filmed rather disturbingly in iPhone sideways-letterbox-o-vision) takes that whole concept to a beautiful level. Saying more would spoil it so just enjoy and I hope you cheer as much as I did.

Thank god she didn’t say no!


Moon hits the Excel Centre This May!

We are very happy to announce that Beyond The Bunker will be appearing at the London MCM Expo this coming May. As British comic conventions go, they don’t get much bigger than MCM and this year promises to be bigger than ever. A whole heap of big names from the world of gaming, tv, comics and film will be in attendance for three whole days of glorious geekery and Moon will be straddling them all like a drunk bride-to-be on a rodeo themed hen night.


Fallen Heroes

The Bunker will be at MCM for all three days, so you’ll have plenty of time to drop by and pick up a copy of Moon #1 as well as a whole pile of big Moony goodies (detailed to be announced soon). Not only that but you can also get your hands on Moon’s sister book, Fallen Heroes, a comic that is rapidly turning into one of the breakout hits of 2011.

MCM is a whole boatload of fun to and as good value a day out as your likely to find. Keep an eye on their website for full details and, as always, watch the Bunker for further updates on what we have planned for the event.

The Final Countdown

Hey chaps,

Just wanted top hop on real quick and give you a quick update on where we’re up to with our own stuff.

This is what I look like when I'm stressed. You don't want to know what Steve looks like when he's stressed. Our mystery colourist doesn't get stressed, she's too mysterious.

Moon is entering the final stages of production as we speak with both Steve and our soon to be announced colourist working their butts off. I’ve been having so many meetings and email conversations with conventions, printers and other people that I’m not entirely sure who’s who, but all of them seem genuinely excited about the project.

I’m simultaneously weeping with worry and giggling with anticipation as we approach our print deadline – who’d have thought that launching a new comic series in the same year that you’re moving house and getting married could be so stressful! – But the boat is still on track and every preview I see has me more convinced that we’re making something special here.

As if things weren’t busy enough, this year’s 2 Days Laughter competition is coming up and we’re honour bound to try to be there in some capacity. With that in mind I’ve gotten back together with my old buddies Paul Wade and JT Eaton to start work on a new comedy short. I won’t give to much away right now but if you’ve ever been trapped in front of the tv around 7pm, you should get a kick out of what we’re planning.

Take care of yourselves and remember: don’t do venom…the drug not the guy…well don’t do him either…unless you’re Mrs Venom. Was there a Mrs Venom? Probably.


BTB announced as guests for London Comic and Small Press Expo 2011!

This coming March sees the return of the London Comic and Small Press Expo and Beyond The Bunker will be there in force! Not only will you be able to be one of the first people on the planet to pick up issue 1 of Moon, you’ll also have a chance to get your greedy hands on a copy of Martin Conaghan and Steve Penfold’s comic book adaptation of Barry Nugent’s best selling, Fallen Heroes! Best of all, you’ll be able to meet the team, laugh at their silly hair and (if your so inclined) force them to sign your comics.

Fallen Heroes

When? – 12th March 2011
Where? – Goldsmiths University London
Why?  –  Because first edition Moon comics smell of awesome.

For more info and a list of exhibitors check out the LCSPE website!