Shadow – A Short Film by Martin Conaghan

Probably need to reduce the number of vids being posted. We are raping Youtube right now. However, this is slightly different. Over at, the online vestibule of Martin Conaghan (writer of Fallen Heroes and Burke and Hare) there is this short film, made for the BBC and based on a comic book short by Martin and Mike Perkins.

Very much fulfilling the title of short it’s a very succinct gem of a short film realising a lovely idea (if a little creepy).

BTB celebrates 25,040 hits!!

Myself and Dan were very specific a short while ago that 25,040 hits specifically was an important milestone in the history of Beyond the Bunker (not 25,000). After 10 short months we have steadily built up to the magic number from 18 hits in September 2011 to 4,724 in March. We’ve still got a lot to do and some of the stuff responsible for BTB’s reaching of 25,040 hits is linked down below. Moon 2, FH 2 and Unseen Shadows have seen new creatives join and cooperate with the Bunker and 2012 promises to be an interesting time for us – with old projects coming to an end and new ones already being planned. We hope you enjoy the upcoming stuff. Thanks from both myself and Dan for checking in on us.

Fallen Heroes: The unseen Reverend design

There is a secret file that was sent to Nic Wilkinson (formerly editor for Insomnia Publications) but was never seen by Barry Nugent and Martin Conaghan (the writer of the novel and the writer of the comic adaptation). It was with my own blessing as you can see below. When I saw the finished design of the Reverend I knew instinctively I’d got it massively wrong. I may have been reading a lot of Preacher at the time but it was all a bit Saint of Killers. Certainly not what we were looking for.

Anyway, as I mentioned in last week’s blog there was a boycotted Reverend design and here it is. As you can see I designed it to make it absolutely clear that it wasn’t considered a decent design – something Nic was very quick to confirm. This was hidden from the Nuge – thankfully as it could’ve severely damaged my chances of success being picked as the artist for the project. Sorry Barry. We figured it out in the end though, eh?

Even now I wonder what the hell gripped me before I drew it. It looks like Stephanie Beacham at a wake armed with semi automatics. Sheesh.

Fallen Heroes panel at Cardiff featuring Barry Nugent and Steve Penfold

Geek Syndicate owner and original Fallen Heroes scribe and all round nice guy Barry Nugent had arranged a panel for us to get on to at the Cardiff International Comic Expo hosted by (top lads) Gavin and Dan from The Sidekick with Barry Nugent and myself …. My first panel I wasn’t sure what to expect but it all flowed pretty painless. Heroically filmed handheld by Stu Tipple of Fatboy Comics at Barry’s request (cheers dude). Sorry for the wobble and the sound but some insight into the thinking and process behind Fallen Heroes is available here if you want to have a look….

The book itself, surviving Insomnia and the team itself (Barry, Martin Conaghan, myself and Gat) the challenges in bringing it to the page and the decisions behind picking me as artist.

Visualising the book, the introductions of the crew and a possible trip to South Africa, Barry’s response to the comic strip, alterations and the only minor disagreement on Issue 1, distribution, Oxicomics vs Comixology, definition of success and a difficult question for me….

Spin-offs, Cy Dethan, TV, the extra 10 copies, the original offer, faithfulness of the TV adaptation, Self publishing, the Grand Plan, why small press doesn’t have to be small press. Round up and questions. Weirdly, occasionally it sounds like a hamster is drinking out of a water bottle somewhere close by.

Ah thankyou.

Late Announcement: On the road to Cardiff!!

Fallen Heroes and Beyond the Bunker will be attending the Cardiff International Comic Expo on the 26th of this month. I’m excited to announce that we will be launching the first issue of the Fallen Heroes comic adaptation at the Cardiff International Comic Show.The Expo will be held on Sat 26th Feburary at the Mercure Holland House Hotel.

At the moment myself (Steve Penfold) and Barry Nugent, the writer of original novel will be attending and selling copies of issue 1. Excitingly enough and because I’m on the Barry Nugent promo train now, we will also be doing a panel at the Expo to talk about Fallen Heroes in general, the background to the project, some of the challenges the creative team faced in adapting the novel and the future. Both myself and Barry can be trusted I think to be interesting for 45 minutes.

As well as representing Fallen Heroes we will be offering details on and what the future holds for Moon and the website itself. Flyers and details will be available from the Fallen Heroes desk.

Our colourist, Gat said he would like to attend but couldn’t attend due to the fact he lives 2000 miles away in South Africa. Selfish. I’ll make sure he goes to the next one.

The Heroes Are Here – Fallen Heroes Ready for Preorder

The first book to carry a Beyond the Bunker logo is now complete. Sent yesterday as a PDF to Ukomics, Fallen Heroes is the adaptation of Barry Nugent’s novel of the same name, adapted for release as a comic by Martin Conaghan, Drawn by myself (Steve Penfold) and completed by the very able Gat Melvyn on colours and Paul McLaren who stepped in at the last minute to complete the lettering.

The first part in a five part story arc (the first of 3 arcs culminating in 3 graphic novels in the distant future) it follows the stories of Ben ‘The Hand’ Ashodi, Jason Chen and Napoleon Stone among others through a world populated by heavily armed mercenaries, monsters and mysterious unseen forces. Who are the ‘Fallen Heroes’ named in the title? Read on to find out.

You can pre-order the limited edition first print on the Fallen Heroes pre-order page over at

The first edition includes pin up artwork by Andy Tong (DC Comics, Marvel, Darkhorse, Mirage Studios, Image and Markosia Comics), Leigh Gallagher (DC Comics and 2000AD) and Emma Viecceli (Self Made Hero, Marvel, Image, Random House, Tokyopop and Future Publishing) as well as 21 pages of espionage, intrigue and supernatural visitations. Enjoy!!

And in case that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite here is the Launch Trailer – for Issue 1 completed by Dennis Morrison of Zizzl Films. (Massive thanks for the amazing job done on that! Again, Enjoy!!