Little Avengers Are Pretty Cute

It’s always cute when parents force their children into stupid costumes but it’s also cute (in a less abusive way) when the kids do so of their own free will. Well, thanks to American store Target, now your kids can cosplay the hell out of you wherever you go.

I’m pretty sure there’s no way the costumes are actually as cool as they look in this advert (otherwise why would any kid not want to be Iron Man all the time?) but they’re still pretty awesome and if you were ever – you know – a kid, I think the advert will put a smile on your face.

Now they just need to release some Young Avengers baby grows.


P.S. There’s no Black Widow costume. I guess Cap thinks girls are stinky or something. He’s from a different era after all.

The Best Costumes of Dragon Con 2011


We’re in the process of gearing up for another round of conventions this month and if there’s one thing we’ve come to love about cons it’s the level of detail that the cosplayers put into their outfits. At LFCC in July we had a wonderful conversation with a Stormtrooper during which he managed to be utterly charming despite us not being able to understand a muffled, crackly word he was saying.

With that in mind I thought I’d share this video of just how elaborate cosplay can get when you let the Americans have a crack at it. This was filmed at Dragon Con in Atlanta earlier this month.

You can buy the music from iTunes and (if you’re so inclined) there is a link at the end of the video to a twenty minute(!) version of the video.


First Look at First Class?

Afternoon chaps,

Several web outlets are reporting the following photo as being the first official shot of the cast of the upcoming Matthew Vaughn directed “X-Men: First Class”. It’s hard to say right now whether it’s real or not as the studio aren’t commenting but it certainly looks convincing. A number of sites including MSN and MTV have pulled the photo since it’s release yesterday but this could either be because they don’t buy it as real or that the studio got the lawyers on to them. Personally, I think it’s probably the real Hank McCoy but with the power of photoshop these days it’s always hard to say for 100% so just keep that in mind.

Left to right: Michael Fassbender as Magneto; Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert; January Jones as Emma Frost; Jason Flemyng as Azazel ; Nicholas Hoult as Beast; Lucas Till as Havok; Zoe Kravitz as Angel; Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique; James McAvoy as Xavier.

So assuming this is genuine, what can we learn from it? Well first up it’s clear that they’re not going for continuity here. Of the actual X-Men team that featured in the First Class comic, the only one who makes an appearance is Beast and even then it’s in his more familiar fuzzy look rather than the way he looked in the book. Angel gets a wee nod in the inclusion of Angel Salvator (nope, me neither. Apparently she’s from New Warriors) but there’s no sign of Jean Grey or Cyclops anywhere.

On the surface it smacks to me of the kind of random menagerie casting that they employed in Wolverine and X3. Take a tonne of B list comic characters who are well known enough to make comic fans go see the film but obscure enough that you can largely ignore everything about them. That said, this is Matthew “Kick-Ass” Vaughn that we’re talking about here so a degree of patience is perhaps required. I’m still pretty confident that my love of Cyclops will eventually overcome my enthusiasm for new takes on old ideas and this blog will wind up hosting a “Why is Hollywood so scared of boy scout heroes?!” rant, but for the time being I shall hold my peace and see where it goes. After all the costumes do look very cool.

That said, if this is the look they’re going with for Professor X, then he sure as hell better have a very close encounter with a set of hair clippers within ten minutes of the film starting. Seriously, some heads are meant to be bald.

Scary huh?



Come see us live!

Spiderman and Captain America Costumes Revealed!

It’s a big day for those of us who like looking at pictures of grown men in rubber. The costumes for the upcoming Spiderman reboot and this year’s Captain America movie, have both been released to the public. Ok, so there have been some preview pics of the Cap costume around for a while, but this is by far the best one yet.

Aside from the slightly David-Bowie-in-Labyrinth-esque nature of the  codpiece, I’m loving the direction they’ve gone with Cap. It’s basically the Ultimates version of the costume but with a couple of nods to the classic version too. I’m not sure what’s going on with the weird black opps techno-ninjas in the background, perhaps their setting up Cobra as the villains for Avengers. 😉

The Spidy costume is the one that’s been garnering the most media attention though as it’s pretty much the first we’ve seen of it. It’s simpler and less bulky than the version we’re used to but that may not be a bad thing. They’re pushing the highschool element of the character in this film, so a bit of a home made touch works well. Is it just me though or does it look kinda…meaty?

I think it’s fair to say that given how much we love comic movies we’re pretty excited about both of these projects. For me though there’s one costume that I’m more excited about than the others:

Come on Marvel…please don’t screw this one up!


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