Moon Wins GPO Editor’s Choice Award!


I got a tweet last night from Dave Probert over at Geek Planet Online telling me that I might want to check their recent awards listings. Just to be different, GPO holds its Editor’s Choice awards around Oscars season (or more specifically, around Kermode Awards season). I clicked on the link and was somewhat knocked sideways by what I saw within:

Comic of the Year – Moon”

That’s right. The Geek Planet Online Editor’s Choice award has gone to the adventures of a man with a Moon for a head and we couldn’t be more pleased. Here’s a little excerpt from the post:

“Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold balance comedy and action perfectly with a book that feels uniquely British. It takes huge courage to have the title character be not only mute but have a moon for a head. It’s ridiculous and shouldn’t work but Moon was the most fun I have had reading a comic last year. Like Stake Land it deserves to be seen by a wider audience.”

Huge thanks to GPO for their support, to Ivanna Matilla (without whom the book would be a shell of itself) and to everyone who has supported the comic up to this point…and to the academy.

You can read an interview that I did with GPO a while back by clicking here and if you’ve yet to join the fun then you can pick up a copy of the award winning action-comedy, Moon, at this weekend’s London Super Comic Convention or direct from this site.