Skyfall: New Trailer and that Olympic moment…

Bond is back – seemingly this time from the death – Mendes at the helm, creepy ass bad guy with a hair colour that doesn’t quite suit him (Javier Bardem, apparently moved on from being a lone pressure gun killer in No Country For Old Men to being MI6’s greatest nemesis to date).

Rumours of the scene, provided by Danny Boyle from excess footage left over from the Olympics, in which the Queen fly kicks a bad guy in the neck at Sandringham, does appear to have been left out of this trailer.

For those who missed it at the Olympic Opening Ceremony (you were one of the 2.3 Billion who missed it, eh?) here’s the quintessential moment in which two icons of the British Empire met for the first time and threw themselves out of a Helicopter….

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter Trailer

It’s easy to see this as the end of real cinema but that’s an over simplification. This is, in part what cinema is for. Everyone’s had that crazy idea of this being the best thing they could imagine. Now, thanks to cinema we can see it happen. It’s the realisation of ephemeral and transient dreams made large and available to everyone. That should be what cinema is about, surely?

Plus; did you see him smash that tree with an axe?!! That was awesome. Abraham Lincoln has returned, directed by a Russian and fighting Vampires. Can’t wait!