The Solar System is Doomed and so are you

XKCD’s Randall Munroe’s piece on the utter futility of getting up in the morning (or indeed watching fatuous entertainment news shows) really gets into the guts of what it’s like in the endless velvet nothingness of existence. In a universe made almost entirely of the absence of something, punctuated with violent and cataclysmic birthing pools of giant Hydrogen atomic balls, firing deadly radiation everywhere and nuturing only a very tiny number of miniscule globules of detritus, all of which are unlikely to be able to sustain the absurdly specific requirements of our fragile and ultimately rapidly aging forms, frankly the end (while maybe not nigh) is bloody obvious.Best to simply shrug and resign your ancestors to the cold and lonely death in open space or the fiery annihaltion of a Supernova.

Remember: Between the sky and the ground and sea is our Fishbowl. We are the fish. Good luck out there people.

(Unless we redesign ourselves like the first Guardians of the Galaxy – that’d be awesome).

Don’t pick it, it’ll never heal… Red Skull Revealed

Images have emerged of Hugo Weaving as Captain America’s nemesis the Red Skull as the PR gargantuan of the assembled Avengers movies begins to pick up some pace. Accompanying the shot on Entertainment Weekly’s website was an interview with Joe Johnston where the filmmaker talks largely about the character of Steve Rogers and what makes him a relatable, believable action hero. “The thing that appeals to me is he is everyman,” Johnston said. “He’s a 98-pound weakling. All he really wants to do is the right thing and serve his country and [at first] nobody wants him because he’s too weak. He’s been picked on all his life. But he’s a guy who never gives up. That’s his trademark.”

So a hero to dorks everywhere then. Only he isn’t a 98 pound weakling. If it tells us anything its that if you can grow a musculature of a greek god and super strength then it doesn’t matter how skinny you are (?!). But that is the fun of Captain America – he’s a geek given the power to do something about it.

The director also spoke to how his film would tie in with Marvel’s upcoming “The Avengers” saying, “Because this was a period film, because this was the origin story, I didn’t have to worry about the Avengers which was a present day story. We have present-day bookends and bring Cap back at the end and then I basically hand him off. And The Avengers is its own thing.”

So we now know that Cap is firmly set in the past and isn’t split unnecessarily between the second world war and modern day, filling a neat episode prequel to the history of the Avengers. But we’ll see. We also know through on set sources (that’s right) that we’ll be dealing with Nazi Super Zombies. Neat.