Bizarro Classic Celebrates the Timelessness of Superman

I’m utterly in love with this little fan film from producer/director Robb Pratt. Utilizing hand drawn animation and an impressive voice cast, Robb and his team have created a beautiful homage to classic cartoons. The fact that the style still comes off as engaging and fun is a testament to both the skill with which it’s been produced and the utterly timeless nature of the Man of Steel. Somebody hire this man to make a series, I would be on that like a shot.

You can watch the first Superman Classic film HERE.



Transformers Stop Motion


How did you spend the last 2 months? Well, Youtuber Counter656 spent them painstakingly piecing together around 3500 still images in order to create this extended chase sequence between Bumblebee and Barricade.

Yes, they’re the Michael Bay versions of the characters but to be fair, I’m not sure the action figure of the ‘proper’ Bumblebee is quite so poseable as this one.

Great vid.


Thundercats…The Movie!?

The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted that all is not quite as it seems with this trailer for the “upcoming Thundercats movie”. Indeed it is not a real film but rather an extremely well put together bit of effects editing by Youtuber Wormy T. Obviously, the whole point of a fan trailer is to make you wish the real movie existed and in this particular case…well who doesn’t want to see Vin Diesel as Panthro?

Wonderfully silly stuff.


Beyond Fan Film: Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing (Part 2)

Part Two of last week’s mentally good Modern Warfare fan film. This is nothing short of truncated Hollywood and just shows what you can pull off with little or no money but a lot of contacts. The original cost $209.43. This was marginally more at $600 but is visibly in another location and looks like a million dollar blockbuster.

Sounds trite, but this is what I’ve been trying to communicate with films I’ve been directly involved in. It’s not always about pumping money and time in – it’s about identifying those with the skills and the equipment and present them with something interesting enough to make it worth their time. At our level there’s pretty much no other choice.