“The Best of British” – Geek Planet Online on Moon #2

Just in time for next week’s London Super Comic Con, the good folks at Geek Planet Online just posted a review of Moon #2. The good news is that they liked the book, the bad news is…well there isn’t any bad news really, they really did like the book.  Here’s a little snippet:

“The wry, postmodern sense of humour is still intact and if anything seems to have more confidence this issue…It’s the best of British and I hope the audience continues to grow.”

You can read the full review here and if it peaks your interest then you can order the book from our online store or pick it up from us next week at the Super Comic Con (we’ll even sign it for you).
Moon Morning lightThanks to Dave at Geek Planet for continuing to support the book. The site has been one of the great champions of our work and we really appreciate it.



Moon Wins GPO Editor’s Choice Award!


I got a tweet last night from Dave Probert over at Geek Planet Online telling me that I might want to check their recent awards listings. Just to be different, GPO holds its Editor’s Choice awards around Oscars season (or more specifically, around Kermode Awards season). I clicked on the link and was somewhat knocked sideways by what I saw within:

Comic of the Year – Moon”

That’s right. The Geek Planet Online Editor’s Choice award has gone to the adventures of a man with a Moon for a head and we couldn’t be more pleased. Here’s a little excerpt from the post:

“Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold balance comedy and action perfectly with a book that feels uniquely British. It takes huge courage to have the title character be not only mute but have a moon for a head. It’s ridiculous and shouldn’t work but Moon was the most fun I have had reading a comic last year. Like Stake Land it deserves to be seen by a wider audience.”

Huge thanks to GPO for their support, to Ivanna Matilla (without whom the book would be a shell of itself) and to everyone who has supported the comic up to this point…and to the academy.

You can read an interview that I did with GPO a while back by clicking here and if you’ve yet to join the fun then you can pick up a copy of the award winning action-comedy, Moon, at this weekend’s London Super Comic Convention or direct from this site.


Geek Planet Online Reviews Tales of the Fallen

We’ve been pretty quiet on the Unseen Shadows front since the release of Tales of the Fallen last November. There’s still plenty going on at the publisher and we are most certainly involved in some of it, but it’s mostly stuff we’re not allowed to talk about just yet. Still, Tales of the Fallen is still out there and seems to be gradually winning more and more fans. Geek Planet Online ran an excellent review of the book this week and I thought I’d share a link to it here. If you’re thinking about picking up the book, this review gives you a nice overview of what to expect. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“The book as a whole achieves its mission of telling good stories for newcomers while offering background to long term fans. People going in cold should find enough to entice them to seek out Fallen Heroes. It will be interesting to see what else comes from the Unseen Shadows stable in the future.”



You can read the full review HERE and if it tickles your fancy you can pick up a copy of Tales of the Fallen (or digital copies of the work we contributed to it) from the BTB Store

Moon #1 Review Roundup

Most of the reviews are in for Moon #1 now and so I thought it was about time that we collected them all together so you can see what the critics have been saying about the book.

Geek Syndicate –  5/5 – “Iconic”

Major Spoilers – “Very impressive”

The Void – “A great cast of characters”

Small Press Big Mouth Podcast – “Very slick, very professional, very witty…you’ll love it.”

Geek Planet Online – “Deserves to be a breakout hit.”  (Heres a LINK to the interview I did alongside the review)

Good Comic Books – “Like if HBO made Blackadder…awesome fun!”

Hi-Ex! Blog – “Complex and exciting…Buy it!”

Comic Buzz – “Huge fun and was a pleasure to read. I’ll be back for Issue Two and I’m willing to bet that everyone who reads this will be too!”

We had faith that people would like the book when we put it out there but the sheer level of enthusiasm that people have shown for it has been frankly staggering. We are hard at work on issue 2 right now and we’re still aiming to have in in your hands by the end of summer. If you’ve not bought a copy of the book yet please order one online or come and see us at Bristol, MCM or any of the other cons we’ll be visiting this year. The faster we sell issue 1, the faster we can put issue 2 out. Bunkerites, we need YOU! (I may even stop calling you Bunkerites if you help us sell a tonne of them 😉 )

Please, please, please take a bit of time to hop on twitter/facebook/whatever and give us a quick shout out. We really appreciate the help you guys give to this rapidly accelerating project.


Dan Interviewed by Geek Planet Online

Evening Bunkerites,

I did an interview this week for Geek Planet Online in which I talked quite a bit about Moon, the origins of Beyond the Bunker and our plans for the future. I also mentioned Monsieur Poppaleux in polite company and thus breached a contract I have long maintained with myself.

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE!