Dropping Science: Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses…In Reality

If you’ve been anywhere near at TV or computer in the last few days then you’ll probably be aware that google is promising to change the way we live by introducing augmented reality “google goggles” that will allow you to remain connected to the internet at all times. In true technology company style they accompanied the announcement with a hip and snazzy video feature fashionable people doing pointless things:

It looks like a nightmarish world where  you have an iPhone sellotaped to your face 24/7, but then I said something similar about the iPad when it came out and now I’m practically wedded to mine. Regardless something like this is probably going to become a mass market item at some point in the next few years and no doubt some will find them extremely appealing. I’m going to withhold judgement until we see some actual working technology but in the meantime, Tom Scott offers us a slightly more realistic version of Google’s advert.


Moon Goes Global

We know we’re a small independent comic book right now but we have plans for big things. Sales of Moon 1 are a little lacking in digital form which we think is a shame as we’d love to think our American, Canadian, Australian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese cousins would get a chance to have a quick look at our work here at Beyond the Bunker.com. So, to our global brothers and sisters we have a ready to go digital version you can download onto your desktop, smartphone, tablet etc. Please enjoy!!

If you’re interested click on the link below. If there are any problems downloading based on where you are please let us know.

One in the Googles!!

Shameless fame hungry animals that we are I thought I’d check up my own name on Yahoo (powered by Google). Couldn’t simply look mine up though now could I. Good news! After a mere 247 hits we are officially the first thing to come up on Yahoo when you type in ‘Beyond the bunker’. If you type in even a slight variation than that by even one letter you could get anything but we are the most popular search response with exactly our name!!

Its official!!

But woah. Hold your horses what about those within Beyond the Bunker? Where does Dan get exactly? Thought I’d check and the results were encouraging.

There he is! 2nd page of searches when you type in Dan Thompson. Its his comedy page on Myspace.com.Go to http://www.myspace.com/danthompsoncomedy to have a look. We intend to get a page up on Myspace.com soon. He’s the first hit if you type in ‘gay pirate’ but many might not make the association with him. He also shares a search name and was slightly pipped to the post by this guy and his timelapse experiments on Vimeo.

Me, I checked. Turns out I specialize in the social, cultural, and political history of twentieth century Canada/ North America, with a particular interest in the great lakes region. Happily, I wrote a book called The Donut: A Canadian History in which I put the Donut into its historical context. I was fairly sure everyone knew what that was but there you go. Even got a review in the Guardian in which the reviewer hoped ‘Steve Penfold will only stay famous for his passion for doughnuts.’ I do like doughnuts.

While I do appear on page 1 below the pastry historian its for an obscure ad I posted up for myself on Mandy.com which got me NO jobs (score for Mandy!!). But on page 3 there I am, in a link to the Scipulse.net website for an interview I did with Martin Conaghan and Barry Nugent about Fallen Heroes – http://scifipulse.net/?tag=steve-penfold. It also appears I’ve been brought in to encourage Safe Sex. It makes me worried I’m a contraceptive.

Be safe, people.

So there we have it! A lot of work to do. Can we get our names to the top of Yahoo searches for us both using the very material you will find here? It hardly matters but its worth a crack!