Quick Head Count: Avengers TV Spot

TV Spot – presumably in the US – with new, unseen footage of the not-so-jolly green giant in action. This bit offers up only a little more detail on what is a pretty exciting trailer except for showing quite a formidable squad of seemingly undead alien beasties bounding around New York. Of course, it makes it obviosu just as quickly that one will last three seconds against the Hulk but what do you expect – that the Avengers won’t win? Saying that – it’s Whedon – so I would assume nothing.

Dropping Science: The Open Source Sentry Gun That YOU Can Own!

This week, in an effort to be thoroughly responsible towards our readers, I want to talk about how to built a robot gun for use about the house! Before the weirder ones among you get too excited you should know that the gun in question is a paintball gun and if you were to try and build a live firing version then you would well deserve the bullet in the backside that would probably result.

Project Sentry Gun is an open source project which aims to provide users with all the info they need to create  “a paintball/airsoft spewing robot, that can turn the tides of any match.” Using a custom made computer program and some clever engineering, the team have succeeded in creating a robot that identifies targets, tracks them and covers them in paint. Just how responsible it is to put instructions for a robot gun on the internet is a debatable point, but you have to admit that when used responsibly it’s kind of cool. Next time Steve and I go paintballing, I’m building me one of these bad boys.

Now if only they’d included code to make it spew Portal 2 dialogue while it fires.


Can You Guess What It Is Yet? – Hints About Fallen Heroes Spin-off

Evening chaps,

I’ve been shunning the glorious sunshine all day in favour of working on the script for the upcoming Fallen Heroes spin off “Clancy Wallencheck: Band Of Butchers.” I’ve had a fair few people trying to tease information out of me on what the plot will entail so I thought I’d be an obliging fellow and give you a few hints. Here are some links to a few of the things I’ve been researching today, most of which will feature in the book in some fashion

Special Forces (United States Army)

Heckler & Koch MP5

This is a list of weapons served individually by the United States armed forces 

Hand Grenade

United States Army

C4 Explosive

Pakistani Nuclear Test

Justin Bieber

One of those may be a lie…there are no grenades. 😉

Can Blacklight take down The Bieb before it's too late?

That’s all you’re getting for today. Have fun learning about stuff that goes bang.