Iron Age: The Iron Man 3 Trailer

Hard to know how to follow up Iron Man 1 and 2 and the obvious triumph of Avengers (Assemble). Seems the people over at Marvel Entertainment have a clear idea. Smash everything to bits and start again. Reminiscent of Iron Man’s … um.. tangy.. story a little while back where Hammer and Norman Osborn took everything from him, someone looking suspiciously like Hammer and someone who would no doubt be Norman Osborn if someone else didn’t have Spider-man are taking everything from him…

And Gandhi’s forgotten his oath of non violent protest, found some rings and gone all heavily armoured Sexy Beast. Frankly, I can’t wait!! Great cast and a brilliant premise. The double whammy of two villains in the form of Iron Patriot and the Mandarin has rarely been done well but let’s see what happens here… please, please, please keep it up Marvel.

Tout L’Armour: Iron Patriot shots from Iron Man 3

Yo and behold – Iron Patriot spangles up proceedings in Iron Man 3. These on-set shots from the new Avengers movie (already in production – good work Marvel!!) reveal a very starry eyed surprise for one Mr Anthony Stark. Interesting choice of Bad Guy that might’ve suggested that yet again, the Mandarin has been put on the back-burner for the new movie. But no…

While Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce have already been confirmed to take on nemesis roles in the upcoming film, it seems that there is another villainous character on the scene.

The discovery of Iron Patriot as a potential third villain (played by James Badge Dale) suggests things might be getting a little crowded on set for part 3. Considering that no comicx book adaptation with more than one full-on super villain has ever truly worked it seems like a weird gambit on Marvel’s behalf but if anyone’s gonna pull it off… watch this space.

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Happy Birthday David: Prometheus

David the Android is born in this deliberately unnerving viral simultaneously reminiscent of an Apple promo and the private prison video diary of a mass murderer. Dubious though the claim that he could perform tasks ‘other employees might find uncomfortable or unethical,’ seems like an odd reassurance that it’s not going to go frikkin’ crazy and attempt to off the crew on corporate orders.

What is strange is the way that the original Alien universe is beginning to expand. With Cameron’s Avatar 2 on it’s way soon – carrying the hallmarks of a shared universe with his instalment of the Alien franchise – what’s weird is how similar the production design is on Earth. With Avengers showcasing the first true franchise tie-in in cinema history – are we looking at a more intelligent shared universe with the associated Alien franchises? I’m counting 8 movies already (counting the admittedly poor AvP).

Hollywood being what it is and the independent nature of the associated Directors, no, probably not. However, with the success of Avengers maybe the ka-ching of broad associated universes in cinema will start to happen more often. Intriguing stuff but most likely just my head wandering about….