More Geek Interviews From PULP


We’ve talked about the upcoming comic movie, Pulp before and I’m pretty sure that we’ve showcased a few of their rather funny geek interviews. Well they uploaded a few new ones to their youtube channel this week so if you’ve been enjoying them so far it’s probably time to pop back over to their site and have another look.

The interviews are conducted at genuine comic cons and include a mix of fans and well known faces answering the burning questions that every comic fan needs answered.

You can see all of the videos here.



Pulp Trailer – A Movie About The Men Behind The Superheroes


A good friend of ours (indeed the artistic basis for one of Moon’s central characters) plays the villain in this upcoming British made movie about comic book creators. If you go to cons you may have seen them sneaking about with their cameras and it’s a joy to see that the film is almost ready for release. Here’s the official blurb:

“Tony Leary, the hapless owner of Junk Comics, is gearing up for one last roll of the dice. His new superhero title, The Sodomizer, launches at the International Comic Show. And if life wasn’t complicated enough, Tony is drafted by the police to identify another comic company that is laundering money for a gang of Geordie criminals. Aided by his trusty geek sidekicks, Rick and Keith, Tony must defy the odds if he is to become a real life hero.”

There’s no release date just yet but the movie looks like a tonne of fun. Check out for more details.


Moon 2: Sketch post

One of my main worries about drawing several books at the same time is stylistic. Moon and Fallen Heroes look very different in style. My intention is that The Reverend will also be a little different as the focus on its central character sort of asks for a more naturalistic style. Just to brush off the cobwebs for each project I try to sketch the characters just to get them clear in my head again before they start going back onto the full page. Who am I telling? No one. Its not very interesting but frankly a picture with no blurb underneath looks well weird. With Iv and Gat waiting in the wings Moon and Fallen Heroes pages will begin to appear inevitably before the end of this week. Check back here Thursday for FH updates and Monday for more Moon.

Photos from Beyond the Bunker Launch party: Characters and Creators 1

In the middle of the event was Imogen Banks, photographing furiously to bring you the finest pieces of photographic evidence of the events of the first Beyond the Bunker / Moon Launch party at the Square Pig in Holborn. With so much going on its difficult to choose what to shoot frankly but she did a great job of capturing the night – with characters, bands, guests, creators and a Moon head swinging around the place it might’ve been difficult but she covered the event brilliantly and is now the official Beyond the Bunker photographer. There are no benefits to that role at all. Throughout this week we’ll be posting the pictures of the night to give you a perspective of how it all went down…

The Moon of the moment...

Ray and Moon taking reviewing their latest case

Moon and Shades Rodriguez (Alistair Reith)

The Joker grabs a lolly

Moon Men: Dan and me (Steve) enjoy a moment before something else happens

Shades Rodriguez (Alistair Reith), Dan Thompson (looking cheerful), The Joker, Ray Barton (Lee Ravitz), me (Steve Penfold) throwing a punch

C.O.B.R.A. Theme Song

Afternoon all,

You may have realised by now that all the great things that happen here at the Bunker do not happen as a result of Steve and I alone. We have a whole network of amazing people who help make all of this possible. One such friend of the Bunker is mr Lee Ravitz, a professional actor and mad-genius.

This backdrop actually follows him around. You get used to it after a while.

Lee often drops little bits of glorious silliness into my inbox but this time around I just couldn’t resist sharing it. C.O.B.R.A is by far my favorite silly-name-for-a-real-government-organisation and it’s high time that it was given it’s own theme song. You can find out more about one of Lee’s big projects by heading over to the PULP website (something we’ll be doing a feature on at some point, I’m sure) but for now, over to the man himself.

Hi gents,

I was away over the weekend filming, so I was surprised by the news given on Yahoo that a cobra was in talks to decide the next move on Libya. But this was, in fact, not a super sleek assassin snake that had been specially reared by David Cameron to take out Gaddaffi – it is, in fact, merely a very spurious acronym for a Whitehall association that the PM would like everyone to think is cool. And, in honour of that, I have unearthed the theme tune to the animated action series that would accompany the actions of COBRA.


Cabinet Office Briefing Room A!
Chaired by the PM, and men in grey
Ensuring that the fate of the Libyan nation
Is defended by the Local Gov’ment Association
It’s not the White House Situation Room
To ranting dictators it spells doom!
And that’s spelt…
(except on less exalted occasions, when it is generally relegated to being spelt COBR, and doesn’t sound like a deadly snake).

Apparently it's Nick Clegg under the mask.