‘I ain’t never been this far away from home’ The Hobbit at Beyond the Bunker.

Production of The Hobbit begins in 10 days. After suffering a stomach ulcer, Sir Peter Jackson stayed away from the publicity tent for these first few days but all of the major players are in place and finally the long awaited movie adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s original Middle Earth classic is beginning. Not only are old characters returning; with Bilbo in his younger years and Gandalf pretty much the same as well as a host of Dwarves played by a broad range of actors – some of whom would be known to us – others not so much. Some, I couldn’t even find a photo of so I replaced them with one of me. Keep an eye out for me (I really should have gone to the auditions). Over the next 10 days – leading up to the start of production I will be looking at what the new LOTR film will look like.

Over the coming months we hope to watch and pass on any major events that are taking place in the creation of the new Hobbit Movie. Yeah, we know its not a comic book. But Beyond the Bunker does films as well and they don’t get any more special than these… and frankly we know you want to know.

The long journey begins here so grab your Elfen Bread and your longbow ‘cos we’s got a long journey ahead of us….