A Comedy of Edits – Dan’s New Film


This is the final cut of the new film that James Eaton, Paul Wade and I have been working on, it’s also our entry for this year’s 2 Days Laughter Competition. Those of you who’ve followed us for a while will already have heard of 2DL as we do it pretty much every year but for the uninitiated, 2DL is a film making competition which challenges people to produce a 5 minute comedy film with a total production time of no more than 48 hours.

Previous efforts on our part have included youth TV spoof [Box] Fresh, Edd The Duck biopic Ducking The Past and our take on the BBC’s Springwatch as well as several other films produced for 2DL’s horror based sister competition, 2 Day’s Later. We’ve managed to score a shortlisting on every film we’ve put in so far as well as one or two awards, fingers shall remain crossed that our new baby fairs equally well.

A Comedy of Edits is the story of William Shakespeare’s meeting with his play’s financial backers and stars Joshua Broadstone and Jack Gavin (of Devil’s Fork fame) as well as Ryan Brannon (one half of comedy duo, Cold Callers). They’re all good friends and it was lovely to get a chance to work with them all again. It was written and directed by James and myself and expertly shot by Paul (who also did the post production and very cool titles).

I shall keep you updated on how the competition goes, but for now I hope you enjoy the film.



Dan’s in Margate Tonight & He’s Bringing a New Film!

I’m off to the 2 Days Laughter competition in Margate tonight. You may remember that a few weeks ago Paul Wade, Jim Eaton and myself made a parody of top BBC bird-bothering program and national treasure, Springwatch. Well the movie was shortlisted for the festival and so is being screened at the Theatre Royal at about 7pm.  I don’t have any photos of the three of us to help advertise this event, so here’s a photo of me, Jim, Steve and my brother Ben failing to look cool on a log flume:

Ben Thompson, J.T. Eaton, Dan Thompson & Steve Penfold attempting to look cool and succeeding at looking wet

If you are in the fine City of Margate tonight and fancy an evening of free comedy films and the chance to support a Bunker project then please do drop by and join in the fun. You can find full details HERE. Otherwise you can just enjoy the film itself without leaving your comfy chair, you lazy devil you!


Going Wild – Our New Film Takes It Back To Nature!

Afternoon all,

We spend a lot of time at the Bunker talking about other people’s films so it’s nice that amidst all the hobbits and lanterns there’s actually been a fair bit of interest in our own little film project. That being the case, I figure it’s only fair to give you a quick update on how things are going on that front.

The film is called “Wild Watch” and it’s a five minute short that we’re making for the 2 Days Laughter competition. 2DL is an annual bit of fun that challenges film makers to shoot and edit a 5 minute comedy short in just 48 hours and then submit it to a panel of industry professionals. We’ve been making films for this and its horror based sister competition, 2 Days Later, for a few years now and both dates have become firm fixtures in the diary. Steve and I’s schedules could, at best, be described as chaotic so having two fixed points each year when we know one or both of us is going to make a film is infinitely useful.

I had to sit the competition out last year as I was neck deep in Moon scripting so I’m keen to make a good showing this time around. With that in mind I’m teaming up with two of my very favourite film makers in the shape of J.T. Eaton and Paul Wade. You’ll remember Mr Eaton as the mastermind behind last year’s The Devil’s Fork and if you’re not already familiar with Paul’s work then you’ve probably not been reading this site for very long. P and I have worked on more films than I care to recall and it’s always a lot of fun. Rounding out the team we’ve got Rozi Owen (of [Box] Fresh ‘fame’) and Paul Teeling who you will be able to see pulling a variety of amazing faces in Cock when it’s uploaded to the site tomorrow. Conspicuous by his absence, of course, is Steve himself. Sadly the artistic one is still chained to his desk putting the finishing touches to Moon #1 so we’re having to make do without him on this outing.

Jim and I put the finishing touches to the script last night and you’ll be pleased to know that it contains both a joke about early Roman oratory and the word “Cockhammer”. We’re shooting the whole thing in Greenwich over the weekend and then it’s off to the studio to make Paul cry about just how many effects shots we’ve asked him to do.

Screen grab from our last short: The Devil's Fork

As much as I’d rather like to have my evenings back so I can enjoy my new home, I’m really jazzed about this project. It’s a great team of people and I’m very happy with some of the jokes we’ve come up with. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you any more about it, but hopefully this little gem from Moledmc will give you a little clue of what we’re planning:

Catch you tomorrow for more filmic madness.


P.s. I saw some of the finished lettering for Moon today, it looks like sex on toast…really nice toast.

Friday Film – [Box] Fresh

Every Friday we descend into the vaults here at Bunker HQ and dig out one of the many fine (and occasionally not so fine) films that we have produced over the years. Come join us for another instalment of cinematic silliness.

This week we have a film that brings back some fond memories for me as it’s the first proper short I ever did. It’s also the first film that I made for the 2 Days Laughter/Later festival, an event which has become a major fixture in my film making calender.

[Box] Fresh was a response to the endless stream of trendy, teen culture programming that was spilling onto our screens back in 08. It went on to be nominated for several awards and to win the Best Editor prize, as well as inspiring a wonderfully vitriolic letter and a minor local controversy after a few people misunderstood the blind freerunners joke. The following year we were billed as “Controversial film makers” which pleased me more than I care to admit.

Out takes next week!


BTB Film – Dan Thompson vs 2 Days Laughter

This week we’ve got another little bit of stand up for you to help round off the year in style. This is a collection of material, recorded during previews for my 2009 Edinburgh show. This particular compilation was created for the 2 Days Laughter film festival, where it won the “Best Stand Up” category. The camera work is a little dodgy in places due to the nature of filming at clubs but the overall result is rather nice.

Happy New Year y’all.