BTB Classic: Secret Samurai 1

Aw man. These were early days for me and Photoshop colouring. Huge issues with these. While there’s no way they’d pass muster nowadays they are at least a little insight into where it all started from. Based on the Tourettes Ninja concept developed by Matt Hart at One day the Ninja will rise….

BTB Classic: Secret Samurai 3


Enemy to the Secret Samurai, Blue Hammer is so-called because he is Blue and has a hammer. In all truth he doesn’t have name. He is the first of a large number of mystic mutations to occur throughout Japan. A smithy and weapons maker who drowns is transformed in death into the watery coloured… um… Blue Hammer.

BTB Classic: Secret Samurai Concept Work 1

Hrrf. Sometimes you just struggle to get to grips with a project and thats one thing. I’m suffering 10 years of overthinking and often struggle to not get too involved. Here’s one I overthunk. No more. A Ninja project that began with a simple project involving 2 pages, 1 central character and 1 side character. I developed an enormous storyline with entire nations consumed in ancient mysticism and a host of other characters. I then added an extra page at the beginning and failed to do the third page with the punchline on it. This, perhaps more than anything else has defined my career up until this point. Lesson decidedly learned.