If Michael Bay Made Angry Birds…

The folks over at Rooster Teeth have been internet heroes for years thanks to their Halo parody series, Red vs Blue (which is now in it’s 9th season! Blimey). This month however they’ve taken a break from Spartans to bring us a trailer for a very special film. Given all the Transformers buzz about at the moment, I felt it was appropriate to do some sharesies with it. The last line of the film made me pretty much fall off my chair with laughter.

I was just on the phone to Steve for about an hour. We’ve got so much cool stuff going on behind the scenes here which I really wish I could talk about. All in good time though. I’ve been getting a little R&R time in this weekend in the wake of the Launch Party to end all Launch Parties. As you can tell by the use of the phrase “R&R” some of that time has been spent watching bad cop films. Really bad cop films.

By the way, scanning stuff for a wedding gift list is exactly like being James Bond and don’t let anybody ever tell you different.


Car Crash TV : Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon Speed Trailer

Running up over the horizon besides Cap and Thor is this bunch of dancing Robots. Someone worded the E-mail to Michael Bay wrongly by saying there was too many crossing story lines in the previous movie which he may have taken as no story: ice skating Optimus Prime please. Not that I mind an ice skating Optimus Prime.

Hard to say what the end result is as its a 30 second teaser for a film involving transforming robots fighting each other and thats what we got and in that it hasn’t failed to deliver. But from the looks of it I’d say its high end stunts, antes being upped and maddening scale. Make sure you get the seats at the back of the cinema people because you might want to be able to take in the whole screen.

Might’ve been a glimpse of one pterodactyl style Dinobot in there. If Swoops in (unlikely) , Grimlock anyone? Nah…. would they? No, probably not. But if you’re going to have a movie about giant robots coming out of the sky why can’t one by a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

If the sight of balleting metal giants has got you going, read this. Simon Furman, writer of the UK incarnation of Transformers for Marvel in the 80s is over at Practitioners – our series on those who’ve had the biggest impact on the World of comics.

Ta. Penners.