An Alternative World Cup Anthem by The Free Kicks

I’d be lying if I said that football was exactly my sport, none of the participants have wheels and there’s nary a V6 in sight. However, once every 4 years I join thousands of others just like me by watching a couple of preview shows, pretending I now understand every aspect of the game and picking a team to support post quarter finals (a decision usually based largely on shirt colour).

One thing that I remain an unabashed fan of is a good world cup anthem and Cambridge band The Free Kicks have put together a cracker that I thought I’d share here. The Free Kicks are made up of members of several Cambridge artists including our old friends Fred’s House and Josh Broadstone, star of some of Jim and I’s short films. As you might imagine with that combo it’s very silly and stupidly catchy. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who has bought Moon in recent weeks. Stay tuned for updates on Moon 3.



Wolverine: The Musical

If there’s a greater joy than musicals about borderline psychotic canadian mutants then it’s an Australian voiced puppet supported by an incredibly well selected batch of Marvel miscreants singing a medley of altered musical classics.

This video gives it all, as well as the best use for Multiple Man since X-Factor 92 where he multiplied himself inside and exploded a member of the Acolytes.

Personal favourite moment: A silent Wolverine just wandering over a host of singing Multiple Men and revenge at Spider-man.

Anyone who knows us or attended Moon Launch 2 knows that we love a show with a puppet in it. Moon Launch featured Laura Bacon in duet with a human with her hand up a puppets butt!! Now that’s showbiz and this has been our favourite interpretation of the ol’ canuckle head.

The Stars Of Moon Launch 2

It’s 11pm the day after Moon Launch and I’m just about getting over the hangover. Suffice it to say it was an amazing night and I feel very proud to have played a small part in it. We shall endeavour to post up some photos as soon as possible but in the mean time I thought I’d chuck up some details of the real stars of the show, the acts.

We opened the night with Patsy & Tim, also known as master puppeteer Laura Bacon and musician Tim Berryman. Their cover of the Pokemon theme was easily one of the highlights of the entire night and they had everyone in hysterics for their entire set.

You can find out more about Laura’s puppet work on her facebook fan page.

We kept the comedy going with a barnstorming performance by musical comedy duo, Cold Callers. Ryan and Paul played at the first Moon Launch and were good enough to dust off the official Moon theme song one more time.

You can follow the boys on twitter, listen to some of their songs again on myspace and you should most certainly check out their podcast on itunes.

 For me one of the real highlights of the night turned out to be blues singer, JD Smith whose set caused me to dash outside and demand all the smokers drop their fags and come listen. If I can find a good quality youtube video then I’ll sling one up on the site but for now you can listen to some of his fantastic music on his myspace.

He likes Garth Ennis too which is always a plus.

 The night was rounded off by the reggae sounds of John Blood and the Highlys. The band were good enough to step in on very short notice and were superb from start to finish. The perfect end to an eclectic night of music.

If you want to catch more of John Blood and the Highlys then you can do so on their website.

And just to round it off, here’s one of their videos:

Thanks again to everyone who came, we hope you had a fantastic time and that you enjoy the comic. If you weren’t able to make it then don’t fret, the book will be available to buy on line in the next few days.


Moon’s Song of the Week: Down The Road by C2C

I promised last week that I’d dig out that C2C track that’s been blowing me away and I’ve managed to find it. C2C are part of  the great tradition of French electro but they take it one step further than most.

In this track (with Richie Jackson) they combine hobo blues with electro to produce something that sounds like Daft Punk meets Seasick Steve. It helps that the video’s suitably weird as well!



Moon’s Song Of The Week – Superhero Music by Fingathing


I’ve had a week off from the site in order to get a few bits done (one of those being my 30th) but we’re back this weekend for more music and science. This week’s track is a jump into the archives for a song by Fingathing which is somewhat appropriate for this site. Drum Bowskill (who you’ll remember from the Mad Tree short we did a few weeks ago) gave me a USB full of music as a birthday present so don’t be surprised if I delve into it on more than one occasion over the next few weeks.

How this song has not made it onto the soundtrack of a movie, I will never know.


(We’re off to the MCM expo tomorrow and we’ll have news about when Moon #2 is out and when our next Moon Launch party will be. If you’re down at the con then come find us in the Comic Village to learn more!)

Moon’s Song of the Week – Hurricane by Automation

It’s always nice when we get to talk about new music on here. This track by London Metal/D&B three piece “Automation” has less than 30 plays on youtube right now and it deserves a whole tonne more. I stumbled upon Automation’s page while looking at the bill for upcoming nights at Proud Camden (because I have a bit too much time on my hands right now) and I’m very glad I did.

Their music mixes metal, drum & bass and a bit of dubstep to produce a sound that is as brutal as it is fun. Fans of Pendulum or the Prodigy will find much to like here, also the fact that they mention their music degrees in their official bio is quite endearing.

You can check out more of their music here.


Moon’s Song of the Week – Happy Pills (Max Tannone Remix) by Norah Jones


There’s never a bad time to break out a Max Tannone track. This is a one off remix that he did for Norah Jones a little while back. As always Max’s seemingly limitless knowledge of dub reggae has allowed him to take a well known song and put a totally new slant on it. Effortlessly cool.



Moon’s Song of the Week – Do It Anyway by Ben Folds Five

A good Ben Folds video is always worth a watch and this one is even more so as it features The Fraggles. Whilst they may inhabit a lonely third place in the list of “most famous Jim Henson shows” for people of a certain age the Fraggles are pretty much canned happiness. When I was two, I insisted my parents buy me a Red Fraggle to give to my newborn baby brother. The result was all the other babies in the ward crying because they couldn’t handle the Fraggleness.

The song’s a stonking bit of American indy-pop too. Just make sure you watch to the very end for a lovely little extra bit.


Moon’s Song of the Week: Gangnam Style by PSY



This track is pretty much a global mega-hit by now but the UK has been unusually slow to catch on so I thought I’d throw it up. It has over 200 million views on youtube and it’s only been out a month or so. How is that possible? Because it’s Korean of course.

South Korean rapper, PSY has been turning out insane yet wonderful tracks for over ten years and Gangnam Style currently holds the record for the most viewed K-Pop track on youtube. Who knew.

Oh and while you’re here, check out the Gandalf version by Screen Team.


Moon’s Song Of The Week: Varúð by Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós decided to do something interesting with their new album because, well because they’re Sigur Rós and that’s what they do. This time around they gave a small sum of money to various film makers and asked them to make music videos for various tracks on the record. This is the offering from Inga Brigisdottir for the track “Varúð”. It’s an animated version of the album cover and is nothing if not hypnotic.

So far as the song goes it’s everything you love about  Sigur Rós and you should expect it to appear on the trailers for a dozen nature documentaries sometime soon. If you’re a fan of the kind of Sigur Rós tracks that just build and build then you’re in for a treat with this one.

You can view the other videos from the project here.