Moon 1, Page 2 Linework

I’m back and I’m ready to get some high end work done. Trying hard to complete everything I can as quickly as I can (without affecting the quality). Currently working on the draft work and concept designs for all three titles; Moon 2, FH 2 and a neat little one-shot to be announced later on this week. I’m also developing a couple of scripts at present (egads! He’s going to try and write something) so keep an eye on that to see how I do…. ;-). That’s right – I did a smiley. Whatever man.

… and just to pep you up. Here’s the colour first panel from page 1 too. Just to remind you what the finished article looks like….

Okay. I get it. You’re getting bored of seeing replays of the existing book. Well, hopefully next week there’ll be something very new to see here….


Moon Preview: 1 Panel mash up!!

Of course everything on Moon 1 went perfectly. Occasionally however, technical and artistic skills can be tested to their limit. The only way forward? Try, try again. Page 13 lived up to its name, almost every panel on it was fiddled around with to some extent as I tried to brain my way through it. If it wasn’t the security guard it was the room design, if not the room design the line work.

But through cupped hands I realised there comes a time when the artist has to shrug and simply move on. Its that or go nuts. Some artists have. I was almost one of them. I’m now perfectly happy with pages 13 and 14. Though only I will truly know how may panels on the page aren’t the originals and I ain’t telling.

Steve P